Mochi is the doughy, sweet ice cream dessert that dreams are made of. If you've never delighted your taste buds to the treat, imagine a ball of creamy ice cream enveloped in a chewy, pillowy dumpling. It's heavenly. But like many ice cream desserts, mochi can be more difficult to find in non-dairy form. Trader Joe's, however, has made dairy-free dreams come true by carrying vegan mochi.

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Gabby Phi

Recently, Trader Joe's has started carrying Buono Mochi in strawberry and green tea flavors, sold for $3.99 for a pack of eight.

Made in Thailand, these coconut-milk based mochi deliver on both flavor and texture. It also helps that they're free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and soy, giving shoppers of all dietary patterns a yummy dessert option.

Katherine Baker

The brand also makes mochi in vanilla, mango, chocolate, black sesame, and coconut, among other non-mochi frozen dessert products

Trader Joe's has carried non-dairy mochi seasonally in the past in mango and coffee flavors, but the mochi had a saucy gel center (and were, in my humble opinion, not very tasty due to the gooey middle). 

Katherine Baker

With the addition of these delicious (non-gooey) Buono Mochi in two widely-loved flavors, non-dairy dessert lovers everywhere already have something to celebrate in 2018.