As you face your distinct diagnosis, your nutrition can play an important part in your expedition. Eating the right foods and keeping a healthy diet can help you maintain the proper strength and feel better during the process. These foods can help minimize the side effects and you an extra boost to finish strong. 

1. Rice

If you have diarrhea from chemotherapy, rice does an amazing job with binding your stool and is easy to digest 

rice, cereal, risotto
Jocelyn Hsu

2. Orange Juice

A nice glass of orange juice will prevent a dry mouth by stimulating your saliva glands so they can produce more saliva.

juice, sweet, cocktail, orange juice, smoothie, ice, milk, orange squash
Jocelyn Hsu

3. Onions

Onions help boost your immune system. According to ScienceDaily, researchers at Cornell University found that the strong-flavored onions are great for fighting cancer. 

onion, yellow onion
Jocelyn Hsu

4. Carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of energy and give an extra boost for you to finish your day. 

carrot, vegetable, pasture, farmer's market
Caroline Ingalls

5. Protein

Foods packed with protein like fish, eggs, nuts, and chicken are a great way to keep your muscles nice and strong. 

grass, pasture
Samantha Hickman

If you know someone who has gone is or  going through chemotherapy, don't hesitate to be a support system. If you're going through chemotherapy, don't be afraid to seek help in all areas because everyone's journey is different. 

National Cancer Survivors Day is the first Sunday in June every year. Choose to be a light.