It is always sad saying good-bye to college friends, living in a dormitory, and the independence that college is but there are some good trade offs. Take advantage of these three school work free months and indulge in these luxuries of being back in your hometown. 

Mom/Dad's Cooking

Say goodbye to dorm room approved ramen noodle recipes for three months and hello to good, homemade cooking. No frozen dinners, no canned foods just some of the best food cooked by your parents.

Having an Entire Kitchen

Living in a dorm means that you'll either have to choose to eat on campus or cook in the communal kitchen that everyone in the entire dormitory uses. If you choose to cook then you have to haul all of your cooking equipment and food to prepare to the kitchen. We all know that college students are also not that cleanly, another downside to dorm cooking. When you're home, everything is close by and there is no lugging anything from one place to another and hopefully, it is cleaner than a dorm communal kitchen. Enjoy this kitchen by trying some summer recipes

Free Food

College students are known for being notoriously broke but coming home can be the temporary solution to this problem. This leads away from consuming the typical college food and towards healthier, fresher homemade meals. After gorging out on cheap junk food for two semesters, this hopefully will reverse the junk food mentality.

Being Able to Eat at Your Favorite Restaurants

Although you may find new restaurants to claim as your 'go-to', those are nothing in comparison to the ones that you have at home. You'll finally be able to indulge your cravings for that one dish that you have been wanting for the entire semester that no other similar dishes you've tried can compare to.

Take advantage of all of these glorious opportunities that you have because you only have two or three months to be able to do so. Enjoy living in your childhood bedroom because before you know it You'll be back to eating Domino's Pizza at 2 a.m., with your college besties.