Have you ever tasted a cheese before and had one of those epiphany moments when you realized you haven't been truly living until trying it? If not, you will be guaranteed to have that experience while trying one of these.

Black Bomber

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Devon McCarron

This sharp, old cheddar is probably one of the best cheeses I have ever had in my life of 21 years of existence. You can even tell that it's fancy because it's dressed in black wax, the tuxedo of cheese coverings. Real talk, this cheese will change your life.


dairy product, dairy, milk, cheese
Devon McCarron

Honestly, any of the Boursin cheese flavours are going to rock your world, but my two personal faves are the garlic & fine herbs and cranberry & pepper. Pair this cheese with your favourite cracker and you are set, my friends.

#SpoonTip: This cheese is great for dinner parties and looking like you are succeeding at being a real adult.

Double Cream Brie

Don't let the weird outer skin on this cheese discourage you. Brie is such a classically yummy, soft cheese. A pro to buying brie is there are so many different brands but they all taste the same, so even the cheaper brands will still taste amazing.

Balderson Old Cheddar Cheese

Lindsay Knapp

This cheese is a little pricey, but honestly it's so worth it. This would be one cheese I would classify as art. Even their premium aged cheddar is delicious. Also, the fact that this cheese is so rich makes it last even longer so you really do get your money's worth from it.

Habanero Flavoured Cheese

Everyone needs a little bit of spice in their life. I didn't feel the need to pick a specific brand for this one just because 99% of the habanero cheeses that I have tried have turned out wonderfully. If you are afraid of it being too spicy — don't. This cheese usually isn't going to burn your mouth right off, it just provides a tiny kick.

#SpoonTip: melt this cheese over ordinary dishes to give a little bit more excitement to your eating habits.

So go forth, grab your crackers, pour some wine and most importantly, enjoy your cheese.