From kindergarten snack time to post-work, pre-dinner pick me ups, these yummy foods are sure to get the job done. Although snacking is often done on-the-go, I would encourage you all to stop and think while consuming them and imagine what it would be like without them (tears are flowing while you read this, I can just tell).

1. Popcorn

bowl of popcorn, popcorn, corn, cereal, salt, kettle corn, cottage cheese
Julia Gilman

While popcorn may be well-known and highly-consumed, nobody seems to applaud it for its true value. Think about it. Popcorn comes in all different flavors & types. For example, the typical college girl (the same who claim to “love” the taste of vodka-soda’s) might go for the classic SkinnyPop (even though tbh, you probably eat enough of it at once to makes it non-skinny pop...guilty), while the male baseball guru may choose a hearty caramel corn.

2. Granola

cereal, herb, pepper, vegetable, granola, muesli
Kristine Mahan

If you think of granola solely as breakfast food, you’re doing it wrong (although I will admit, it is great for that too). Granola is underrated because people neglect to see how versatile it truly is. After all, it can be sprinkled over vanilla yogurt, greek yogurt, coconut yogurt (okay you get it), immersed in any type of milk (you’re welcome for not listing them this time), or eaten straight out of the bag.

3. Dried Mangos

pineapple, sweet, apple
Hailey Nelson

If you have ever tried these bad boys, I’m sure you can relate. Honestly, they are not the most appealing food in terms of look (no competition for the NYC rooftop acai bowl brunch pic that @spoonuniversity probably posted an hour ago) but the taste simply cannot be beat.

4. Chips & Salsa

dip, Tortilla, Chip, bread, pepper, sauce, vegetable, chili, tomato, salsa
Caroline Ingalls

While this is another food you may beg to say is NOT underrated, I'm convinced it is. Let’s be honest - no one thinks of chips & salsa beyond being a never-ending appetizer brought out at all classic mexican restaurants. However, I see more value than just this, and strongly believe that chips & salsa can be eaten at any time of day, no matter where or when.

5. Chia Pods

rice, milk, sweet, cereal
Heather Feibleman

These snacks are really not well-known and can only be found in some grocery stores, so no arguing on the underrated-ness of this one. Typically found in flavors such as vanilla bean and cinnamon, these bad boys are basically just an on-the-go, better-tasting version of homemade plain chia pudding. Healthy and healthy, chia pods are at the top of the mid-day snacking pyramid.

6. Snap Pea Crisps

You may have seen these bad boys in the chip aisle of the grocery store (most likely bottom shelf...such a pity) and have passed them by, but I am warning you - you do NOT want to make that mistake again. Although strange-sounded, I promise you they are just as good as your average potato chip (actually...better), and you won’t even feel guilty after eating the whole bag (or 2 or 3).

7. Rice Cakes

I know what you're thinking again: nope, not underrated BUT have you ever tried different thicknesses and flavors of rice cakes or perhaps even different toppings on them? Hummus? Peanut butter and banana? Cheese? Vegan Cheese? Okay, you get it. You could probably use rice cakes for a different snack recipe everyday and have a completely different, yet still amazing experience every time.

8. Dark-Chocolate Covered Acai Berries

Another common bottom shelf grocery store item, these dark-chocolate covered acai berries are sure to give you a pleasant surprise. Never to be mistaken with yogurt covered raisins (honestly, does anyone eat those anymore?), this snack offers the perfect amount of sweet from the berries and bitterness from the dark chocolate. And isn’t dark chocolate supposed to be good for you? Added bonus!

9. Edamame

salad, edamame, pea, vegetable, legume
Elyse Belarge

When I tried edamame the first time a few years ago, I truly think my life changed for the better. Commonly seen served in pods at your favorite Oriental restuarant, these bad boys can also be found peeled and sold fresh or even dried. Either way, this snack is just the perfect amount of filling (while still being healthy) to hold you over until your next meal.

10. Hummus & Veggies 

peanut butter
Julia Lauer

Last but certainly not least is hummus & veggies. The card of all trades. The king of the castle. The snack of all snacks. While so many people consume hummus daily (or even twice judgement here), no one stops to recognize its true value. Healthy, filling, and yummy, hummus is truly a perfect snack for all hours of the day. Honestly, I wouldn’t NOT recommend eating the whole tub…

So there you have it, ten snacking foods that you have always under appreciated until I brought their true value to your attention (saving the world, one article at a time...don’t mind if I do). Now that you recognize true great tastes (literally), happy snacking!