There is a reason why Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television right now: it has heartbreak, action, endless drama, and even a dash of humor at times. Enjoy a list of the top 10 episodes from the past 7 seasons, and which snack to eat with each. 

1.  "The Lion and the Rose" - Twizzlers

The Red Wedding starts season 4 off with a bloody bang. The  episode left me speechless as repercussions echoed rest of the series. The episode is filled with mid-series surprises at Dragonstone and Beyond the Wall, but the main event is at King's Landing, where Joffery and Margaery are getting married.

Tyrion has already been beefing with his nephew, Joffery, since the season 3. So when Joffery is poisoned by the cup of wine (finally!) that Tyrion handed him, he is immediately to blame.

Twizzlers are the snack for this episode because of the huge plot twist. The King's position is open once again, dividing Tyrion from the rest of the Lannister family. Not to mention the haunting image of Joffery's eyes turning bright red and blood streaming out of his nose. 

2. "The Winds of Winter" - Salt and Vinegar Chips 

Skipping forward 2 seasons to season 6. At the end of a season-long clash between the Lannisters and the High Sparrow, the finale blew everyone's mind. After watching Cersei kneel to the High Sparrow and take her naked walk of attonement, she came back and destroyed the High Sparrow.

By using green wildfire to blow up the Sept, she killed everyone inside it, including her not-so-beloved daughter-in-law, Margaery.

Revenge is sweet, but was pretty salty for Cersei. Her diabolical plan did gain her power back, but lost her her last son, Tommen, who committed suicide after watching his mom blow up his wife. This is why this episode gets salt and vinegar chips - Cersei's actions proved to be very sour and salty. 

3. "Beyond the Wall" - Totino Pizza Rolls

Towards the end of the most recent season, the Night's Watch war against the Army of the Dead continues. Jon and his squad are beyond the wall and find themselves surrounded and outnumbered by the dead. The few living are stuck in the middle of ice, as the ice begins to crumble around them.

When all seems lost, Daenerys rides in to save Jon on her dragon like the queen she is. But it would have been too easy for everyone to get away free, as the Night King throws an icy sphere directly into the heart of one of Daenerys' dragons, killing him (or so we think).

This episode has pizza rolls as the snack because just like these scrumptious little pockets, a surprise is hidden inside. Once we think Daenerys' dragon is killed, we later find out that he is alive and is now a dead-dragon on the side of the Night King.

What that means we don't really know, but this plot twist is similar to biting into a pizza roll and having the ooey-gooey middle squirt out and surprise you!

4. "The Lion's Game" - Ice Cream Sundae

Tyrion, you're doing amazing sweetie. His sweet revenge against his Lannister family is just what we've been waiting for. After being wrongfully accused of killing his nephew, Tyrion has some beef to settle with his Dad.

Before Tyrion leaves his family, his final act in Kings Landing is to kill his father. Tyrion crosses his bow and fires a first arrow, but that wasn't enough. A second bow instantly kills his father, which is the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.

5. "Blackwater" - Popcorn

This throwback episode was back when we were (kind of) rooting for the Lannisters, and hoping they'd win this battle against Stannis' fleet.

At the battle front, Tyrion sends a ship filled with wildfire out into the middle of Stannis' ships. A flaming arrow is shot, igniting a massive explosion in the middle of the sea. 

The perfect snack for this episode would be popcorn, and a lot of it. In this battle the action never stops and you'll need a snack to keep up with it.

6. "The Watchers On the Wall" - Chex Mix

If there was ever a moment where we fully fell in love with Jon Snow, it was this episode in season 4. The dynamic duo we love so much, Jon and Sam, peak as they battle Mance's army at the wall.

This fight earns a spot on the top 10 list of episodes because of the incredible special effects. Yes, we're talking to you @massivegiant, riding a woolly mammoth.

Jon and his squad somehow hold off Mance's army, but not without major damage to their wall and a few minor deaths. This episode is paired with Chex Mix because there's a perfect mix of sad moments, scary moments, and a few sweet scenes of bonding between characters. Just like a bag of Chex Mix, it has everything you're craving!

7. "The Mountain and the Viper" - Airhead Sour Strips

This season 4 episode shook me to my core. In true GOT fashion, you had to wait until the final moments of the episode for a major plot twist.

Tyrion got Oberyn to fight for him in his trial, after being accused of killing his nephew. Oberyn's chances look slim at first, battling against the Mountain. Once the fight starts Oberyn's slim physic and quick moves seem to outsmart his gigantic, mountain-sized opponent. 

Behind the scenes, I'm sure the Game of Thrones producers screamed, "SIKE" as the tides turn and the Mountain literally crushes Oberyn's skull and pops his eyeballs out. The gory end to the fight is what pairs this episode with Airhead Sour Strips since the plot twist puts a sour taste in your mouth.

8. "Mother's Mercy" - Slutty Brownies

The finale of season 5 was definitely a shocker, leaving everyones jaws wide open. Even though we never liked Cersei,  you could not help but feel bad for her as the High Sparrow made her walk naked through the streets of King's Landing.

As she strips off her robe with her newly shaved hair and struts  through the town, people throw food, spit on her, curse at her, and humiliate her. This episode forever tarnishes Cersei's image as queen and changes the way people view her.

We do have to admit, it was a little sweet to see the character everyone loves to hate get a taste of her own medicine. Revenge is sweet, even if this was a little harsh, so that is why this episode is paired with slutty brownies. You feel just a little guilty after you realize the calorie count of the brownie, cookie, and Oreo mix, but it's still worth it in the end.

9. "Battle of the Bastards" - Reese's

At the end of season 6, this episode is sure to give you the closure you need after a hectic season of rising tensions. Everyone is hoping for Ramsey to die after marrying Sansa essentially only to keep her as a sex slave.

As if it couldn't get worse, Ramsey kills Rickon, Jon's brother, in his classic heartless, vicious, fashion in front of both armies. This death signals the beginning of an epic battle which ends with Jon overpowering Ramsey and Sansa ending the fight for good.

The episode ends with the Bolton flags lowered and the Stark flags raised. The dark satisfaction is just what this season needed, just like sometimes you need the satisfaction of biting into a Reese's during an intense Game of Thrones binge.

10. "The Rains of Castamere" - Sour Patch Kids

Remember Robb Stark, the O.G. heartthrob (sorry Jon) that we all fell in love with and hoped would become King? This episode is where all our hopes and dreams crashed and burned. 

The whole Stark clan visited the Twins to celebrate the merging of both families, but the Starks instantly fell in a trap and everyone, and we mean everyone was heinously killed. 

It starts with Robb's pregnant wife being stabbed in the stomach, killing her and their child. After watching his family be killed, Robb is shot several times and falls to the ground.

As if you weren't already sobbing and heartbroken, after watching her son, step-daughter, and future grandchild be killed, Catelyn, the Stark mother, is desperate and kills Frey's wife before having her own throat slit.  

The perfect snack for this heartbreaking episode is Sour Patch Kids, because just like the Starks - they're sour, sweet, and now gone.

Needless to say, there are dozens of other episodes that are  action-packed and entertaining, but these top ten still resonate with us 7 seasons later. We'll just have to see what happens next, in the final season of Game of Thrones.