If you're like me, you turn to food shows to inspire your next home-cooked meal. With so many food shows out there, it’s hard to know what show is worth your while. This list of the top 10 best food shows features the best food shows for everyone to get people inspired to channel their inner chef.

For the world traveler: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 

"Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" explores food from all across the world. From Korea to Peru, this show features genuine dishes from popular restaurants throughout the world. Each episode highlights a different area of the world. It'll have your mouth watering right away. One of my favorite episodes is the episode on Thailand as it showed me so many more Thai dishes besides the Americanized pad thai.

For the competitor in you: Chopped

This competition cooking show is a must-watch for the competitor in you. Each episode features a new round of contestants who are required to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert, all in that order, where contestants are forced to incorporate specific ingredients in those dishes. In each round,  contestants are eliminated until there is a winner. These required ingredients are usually pretty wacky and can include everything from gummy bears to exotic meat. The best thing about this show is that it is a replicable challenge to complete in your own home. You can create your own dishes using the ingredients the contestants are forced to use, too.

For the celebrity lover: Selena + Chef

Who doesn't love Selena Gomez? Selena Gomez has proclaimed how her cooking abilities are weak and through this show, she is learning how to become a better chef, while teaching the audience how to cook, too. In each episode, Selena learns how to make a specific dish with the help of a celebrity chef. Some of these chefs include Gordon Ramsay and Rachael Ray. It's the perfect show to watch for beginners, as it's a learning experience for everyone.

For the person with a sweet tooth: The Great British Bake Off

This show is all about sweet treats! Each season features 12 talented bakers who are competing for the British bake-off title. With each episode, the competitors are given more and more baking challenges that'll have you reaching for your cake mixes for a hint of the baked goods that are just out of reach. The contestants are loveable and it's always fun to watch British shows.

For a comedic watch: Somebody Feed Phil

This Netflix-original show focuses on a different food city in each episode. Hosted by Phil Rosenthal, this show is filled with jokes that will get you excited about the food, while teaching you about the culture of the city. As a person who was born in Israel, I feel his episode on Tel Aviv to be a completely accurate depiction of the city and the country. You truly get the feel of what it's like to be in Tel Aviv. This show is one of my favorites on the list for its uniqueness. 

For the nature lover: Chef vs Wild

This show is "Chopped" meeting "Survivor" in the best way. Two chefs are dropped into the wild where they must forage for their ingredients in order to create their best dish. With new chefs in each episode, it's so fun to watch the different approaches to cooking with limited supplies. Watching the creations these people are able to make will blow your mind.

For an adorable watch: Masterchef Jr

Why watch "Masterchef" when you can watch "Masterchef Jr"? This show features adorable kids competing to be the ultimate master chef. With different food-related challenges in each episode, contestants get eliminated one by one until the winner remains. Each kid brings their own cultural touch to each dish while simultaneously impressing viewers with their unbelievable talents.

For the taco lover: Taco Chronicles

No one loves a taco more than me, which is why this show is so fascinating. This show highlights the many different ways tacos can be made throughout the world. From Tijuana to Dallas, tacos have a rich history that leads to its many variations, and this show broadcasts them all. The show is in Spanish so it's also an excellent excuse to brush up on your Spanish skills.

For the bartender: Drink Masters

In the mood to spice up your alcoholic drinks, if you're 21+, of course? Through cocktail challenges with the world's most talented mixologists, this show will introduce you to new drinks you didn't even know existed. No more vodka cranberries and cosmopolitans. Hosted by comedian Tone Bell, "Drink Masters" is a must-watch.

For a little bit of everything: The Final Table

This fast-paced cooking competition series has great contestants and even greater dishes. "The Final Table" has chefs creating dishes from around the world that are sure to inspire your next home-cooked meal. Each episode focuses on a specific country highlighting the wonderful dishes found around the world. To learn more about cooking, learn about food from around the globe, and fun competitions, this show is for you.

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