Personally, I don't think that tiramisu gets enough credit as a great dessert. This classic Italian dish not only has a perfectly-balanced bittersweet flavor, but it also is a textural sensation with its soft blanket of cocoa, pillowy cream, and spongy ladyfingers. It also happens to be soaked in a boozy coffee liquid that gives you a little kick.

All these components together make such an irresistible combination that tiramisu has become the inspiration for variations on many common desserts. Here's thirteen ways tiramisu has influenced other dishes showing just how versatile this foolproof dessert can be. 

1. Tiramisu Macarons

Tiramisu macarons are an inevitable mashup with the smooth, bittersweet cream in tiramisu making the perfect filling for the popular French cookie.

2. Tiramisu Martini

If you love dessert cocktails, this recipe is for you. Unlike any typical martini, this rich drink is filled with Kahlua, RumChata, and chocolate liquor that's sure to justify your dessert and cocktail desires in one single sip. 

3. Tiramisu Cupcakes

If you've ever searched for ways to amp up your cupcakes, there's a good chance you've come across a recipe for tiramisu cupcakes. These are perfect for upgrading (and caffeinating) your regular vanilla cupcakes.

4. Tiramisu Bread Pudding

Enjoyed by many cultures around the world, bread pudding is clearly a beloved classic. It may seem old-fashioned to some, but adding a little bit of coffee flavor and mascarpone cheese can give the dessert a refreshing makeover.

5. Tiramisu Truffles

As if there weren't already enough flavors of truffle - Oreo Cheesecake and Gingerbread Cookie, I'm looking at you - here's one more way to enjoy them. There's no way your sweet tooth won't be satisfied. 

6. Tiramisu Crepe Cake

What's better than one crepe? How about multiple crepes layered on top of one another with sweet cream in between? This tiramisu crepe cake is an absolute dream come true for those who love a good crepe cake with a twist. 

7. Tiramisu French Toast

cream, french toast, sweet, chocolate
Amy Yu

With this french toast, you now have a legit excuse to eat tiramisu for breakfast. Who needs coffee when you can eat extra sugar to boost your day?

8. Tiramisu Doughnut

How does a cocoa-dusted, fluffy ball of fried dough encasing a boozy coffee creme sound? You're speechless. I understand. 

9. Tiramisu Cheesecake

If Cheesecake Factory serves it, tiramisu cheesecake must be legit. Adding a cream cheese component to any dessert does nothing but positive things. 

10. Tiramisu Brownies

Move aside slutty brownies, there's a new and improved brownie in town. Adding tiramisu to brownies brings class and sophistication to an otherwise simple confection.

11. Tiramisu Dip

It's about time that tortilla chips and queso got some competition. Conveniently, ladyfingers are the perfect shape and size to use instead of chips to dip into this creamy concoction. Game day just got a little bit sweeter. 

12. Tiramisu Creme Puffs

I think it's safe to say that any cream filled dessert is one that marries well with tiramisu.  And these puffy delights are no exception. 

Tiramisu is clearly a timeless classic, and will do well if incorporated into almost any dessert. So satisfy your creamy, boozy coffee cravings and add some more Tiramisu into your life.