Tomorrow, July 18, is a very fishy day — it’s National Caviar Day. Caviar is considered to be a seafood delicacy, and with a price tag of up to $95 per ounce, it sure makes sense why. This holiday is the perfect time to indulge in these delicate pearls of the sea, and throw a party to go along with it. But here’s how to throw a caviar party on a budget.

What is caviar?

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

Now is probably a good time to mention that caviar isn’t just any old piece of fish you buy at the store. Caviar is a salt-cured fish roe from the sturgeon family of fish, historically coming from the Caspian and Black Seas. Its origin is what made it such a prized possession as it was hard to harvest for many years. Now, caviar is produced all over the world and is much easier to get at most grocery stores. Caviar is typically eaten raw as a garnish or spread, and it’s a rare and cherished treat that hopefully you can try tomorrow on National Caviar Day. 

How to get caviar on a budget

Photo by The Caviar Company

The good news is, there are some brands that sell caviar for a more affordable price, and the food you pair it with can be really cheap. The caviar will be the most expensive part of your party, which is ironic considering its the smallest part. The rest of your food doesn’t have to be high quality, just have enough for everyone to eat. Hackleback Caviar is more price friendly than others, as it is $46 per ounce. Even though this is high end for any given food, in the caviar world, this is a great deal. Hackleback caviar is a wild American caviar and has a nutty finish. This specific caviar features small black pearls and has a smooth texture, making it a great caviar for those trying it for the first time. For just a bit more money, you can try the California White Sturgeon Caviar for $60. You can purchase both of these online at The Caviar Company (psst, looks out for 50% off all the caviar and roe for National Caviar Day on their website). You can also check out local grocery stores for it. Most groceries should carry caviar in the fish section. They also should have different types of caviar with different price options to choose from. You really only need a little bit of the caviar to go along with the food, so, depending on how many guests you invite, you shouldn’t need more than an ounce. 

Preparing the caviar

All you really need to spend the money on for your party is, of course, the caviar, some creme fraiche, white bread or small crackers, and some other foods to accompany the caviar appetizer like pizza or pasta. The most classic way to serve caviar is to stack creme fraiche, caviar, and fresh herbs on a cracker or piece of toasted bread. 

Throwing a caviar party

If you’re going to have a caviar party, you might as well make it as fancy as possible with what you have already in your home. The dress code should be black tie optional. If everyone shows up in gowns and suits, your party will already be elevated. Serve your caviar on the prettiest plates you own (or thrift some). Buy some wine that will be served with your appetizers and play classy music in the background. Lastly, have your jar of caviar chilled over ice until about 10 minutes before you’re ready to serve it, and then you can start making the apps. This will ensure that your caviar is the freshest it can be. You can also go another route, like our favorite influencer Tinx did, and throw a more casual party simply to enjoy the food and company, and not spend too much time on the other aspects of the party. A perfect holiday for the perfect summer day — this day is the best excuse to throw a luxurious party with your friends and try something new.