We're all used to the classic soft drink flavors such as cola, root beer, or even cream soda. But what about the not-so-classic flavors of soft drinks that you see on the shelf, but are too afraid to try? Or what about the ones that may even make you think to yourself, who would want to drink that? 

Lucky for you, I had five of my friends taste-test the three strangest Faygo flavors I could find. In my last spoon article, Illinois Natives Taste Test Exclusively Michigan Foods, the Rock & Rye flavor of Faygo unanimously failed the taste test. Thus, I had the idea to have a handful of individuals try even more unusual flavors than Michigan's sacred Rock & Rye.

We rated them on a scale of 1-10,  1 being "wanting to puke" and 10 being "the best thing ever tasted". Here we go.

1. Cotton Candy

coke, water, liquor, alcohol, juice, ice, soda
Emily Gilbert

Let's start the taste-test strong with perhaps the strangest flavor; Cotton Candy. This flavor was designed in spring 2014, and the artificial baby-blue color makes us believe the product will taste just as sugary and delicious as actual cotton candy.

The results of the taste test were surprisingly scattered, earning scores between 1 and 6. It received conflicting comments such as "it tastes like I'm drinking perfume" and "I'm kind of into its sweetness".

Regardless, it is referred to as "desired and beloved" on the Faygo website, so there must be enough people in Michigan who don't mind its super-sweetness.

Rating: 3/10

2. Raspberry Blueberry

juice, water, liquor, alcohol, soda, ice
Emily Gilbert

Yes, another artificially blue drink. This one is pretty straightforward, looking and smelling exactly like its name. This fruit flavored beverage is equal parts raspberry and blueberry, which makes it close enough to a healthy fruit juice, right?

This flavor of Faygo was the most popular among my taste-testers, having tasted like "your classic blue raspberry flavor". It also received the comment "it tastes like blue". 

I'm not quite sure what that exactly means, but it must mean something positive because this flavor received the highest rating of the three (though that isn't necessarily saying much).

Rating: 5/10

3. Black Cherry

beer, sweet, liquor, alcohol, soda, juice, ice
Emily Gilbert

Perhaps the seemingly most normal soda flavor, Black Cherry is intended to be your "common red cherry pop but better". The dark color of the beverage may be intimidating to some, and the potent, medicinal smell may not eliminate their hesitations either, but if you're a fan of Faygo's classic red cherry flavor, this may be right up your alley.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case when it came down to the results of the taste-test, receiving the lowest rating out of the three. This flavor gave off cough syrup vibes, allegedly tasting "identical to Robitussin". 

Yikes! But hey, it can't be that bad considering nobody puked nor stopped being my friend because of it.

Rating: 2/10

sweet, water, juice, beer, liquor, coke, alcohol, ice, soda
Emily Gilbert

There you have it. An honest review of three Faygo flavors, just as brutally honest as I was expecting. Of course, I still have much love for Faygo despite this unpleasant encounter. Still, all five of my guinea pigs--I mean friends-- still want to speak to me, so I can't imagine it was that bad, right? 

If you're feeling adventurous yourself and would like to taste these flavors, or even more odd flavors such as Candy Apple or Gold, you can purchase them here. Otherwise, you can leave the taste-tests to me. Faygo may be a Michigan favorite, but these "interesting" flavors might be better left unopened; take it from me, proceed with caution.