Every time you go out you think the vodka will taste better, huh? Nope. Same awful taste and burning sensation every single time. Fortunately, I’m here to suggest a few cheap and somewhat tolerable alternatives to make the alcohol go down more easily.

1. Vodka Gummy Bears

You will need to buy a few packages of gummy bears from your local convenience store. First, put the gummy bears into a bowl. Pour enough vodka in the bowl to completely drown the gummy bears. Next, cover the bowl with Saran Wrap. To experience the full effect of this strategy, you should patiently wait 2-3 days until the gummy bears enlarge and become infused with vodka. The sweet, fruity flavor of the gummies diminishes the alcohol taste.

2. Vodka Popsicles

No matter how horrible of a cook you may be, you will definitely be able to make a vodka Popsicle without failure. All you have to do is pour a chaser of your choice (orange juice, lemonade, apple juice, cranberry juice, etc.) into a cup. Pour some vodka into the mix, add a Popsicle stick, and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Eating a Popsicle is way tastier than taking pure shots and the preparation is effortless.

3. Jell-O Shots

To make Jell-O shots, you will need to buy dry gelatin mix. To start, pour the gelatin mix into a bowl with one cup of boiling water and mix thoroughly. Next, add half a cup of cold water and half a cup of vodka. Finally, pour the mix into mini cups and refrigerate for at least two hours, until it hardens. Jell-O shots are fun pregame additions and seriously make the vodka tasteless.

Taking shots can be dreadful, so what’s the point? These quick and simple vodka alternatives will make your night significantly more appealing. Try them out with friends, and why try one when you can try them all?