The liquor store isn’t the only necessary stop before a big night out. It’s all about the chaser; and let’s be honest, a stop at the liquor store isn’t always even possible…We college kids just work with whatever’s laying around, so it’s definitely all about the chaser.

While we can’t always control or know what alcohol will be available at our “classy, evening get-togethers” (as my ad professor loves to call them), the choice of chaser is essential to having a good night. Shoutout to all you strong-stomached champs out there who don’t need a chaser, but the majority of us need something to get that ratchet taste out of our mouths ASAP-rocky.

From cranberry juice, to seltzer, to the classic salt-shot-lime, no two chasers are alike. Often times fizzy drinks get the taste out faster, but sometimes sodas just aren’t the right flavor and orange juice or lemonade does the trick just fine.

Here’s some inspiration for creative alcohol-chaser combos:

1. Fireball with apple cider

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Photo by Christina Chu

This is just like eating cinnamon apple crumble, yum.

2. Any fruit flavored alcohol (preferably clear) with Sprite

Remember Sprite Remix anyone?

3. Cherry vodka with Coke

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Photo by Christina Chu

This tastes just like Cherry Coke if you do it fast enough. Also: Cherry Coke is underrated. Trust me and go try it.

4. Rum with ginger beer.

It’s just like a deconstructed dark n’ stormy. Deconstructing mixed drinks is a great way to find alcohol-chaser pairs that go well together.

5. San Pellegrino fruit-flavored sparkling drinks, period. After anything. Or plain actually, because something sparkly is just that good.

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Photo by Christina Chu

Whether you’re in the mood for grapefruit, clementine, blood orange, pomegranate or lemon, they do the trick perfectly. Plus you kinda feel like you’re a little more high-class drinking San Pellegrino, right?

6. Food. Apparently food gets the taste out faster than any liquid. So far I’ve been recommended Cheez-Its, pretzels, gum and even peanut butter.

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Photo by Christina Chu

Check some of these out on your next weekend out and you be the judge.

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