We all know yoga comes with a lot of health benefits, but similar to working out at the gym, you still need to follow your diet to help increase those benefits. Otherwise those sweaty hours of work out will probably not be as beneficial.

If you are a true yoga lover, you have probably tried to adjust your diet somehow to enhance your yoga experience. If you're not sure how to do it, this might be just the perfect diet for any yogi. This yogi diet is basically a vegetarian diet, but with more restrictions. 

The Ayurverdic Diet

It is different for every body type, based on your individual needs. There are three main types of this diet, Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

If you just want to experiment and see if this type of a diet suits you, here are some of the most basic restrictions and recommendations you should follow.


Garlic and Onions

elephant garlic, onion, herb, relish, condiment, vegetable, garlic
Kristine Mahan

Some might say that these act as blood purifiers. but they are usually not recommended in yoga diets, as they are said to cause anger and irritability. They also have a really strong smell, so it's a double win. 


vegetable, tomato, cherry, pasture, cherry tomato
Caroline Ingalls

Ever since I was a kid I never liked tomatoes, so this restriction isn't too difficult for me. They're not recommended for this yoga diet because they are believed to possess inflammatory properties and trigger deceases such as gout.  

Coffee and Tea

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Jocelyn Hsu

It is a common stereotype that yogis always drink green tea or coffee, but in reality they avoid it, as it leads to insomnia and nervousness. It also pumps extra calories into our bodies. It is recommended not to consume tea or coffee at all, but if needed, you can have a maximum of one cup each day. 


milk, salad dressing, jug, juice, vinegar, french dressing
Maya Konstantino

Apple cider vinegar or any other vinegars are a part of food group in Ayurverdic diet, that is called Tamasic. It is basically believed to withdraw energy and give you a feeling of a clouded mind. 


It is recommended to generally favor juicy, cooling foods, with high water content. 

Green Veggies

vegetable, lettuce, pasture, salad, cabbage, spinach
Caroline Ingalls

Of course, greens are a part of every diet, but specifically for the Ayurverdic diet. Kale is known to strengthen your immune system the most, which gives you more energy. 


nut, cereal, pasture
Hannah Beaver

Having a handful of a mixture of nuts every day helps to obtain energy and a healthy skin. You can have any kind: salted, roasted and....

....yes, even chocolate-covered ones. 

Ghee (clarified butter)

cheese, milk, dairy product, butter, dairy
Caroline Ingalls

As weird as it may sound, butter, or more specifically clarified butter is recommended , as it is known to eliminate toxins from the body. 


vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Rebecca Holstein

Do I really need to explain why avocados are amazing? First of all, they are the healthy kind of fat, because they help you absorb other nutrients. Not to mention they are full of fiber. Even one avocado a day is enough to fuel you up with energy for the rest of the day. 

Stick to this yoga diet, and you're more likely to feel benefits from your practice. I hope you yoga lovers get benefits from this diet and namaslay.