Drinking is a big social aspect in many of our lives, including my own. While we tend to either drink at home with friends or out on a date, it's pretty typical to learn of new booze products coming out on the regular. On that note, I have some booze news to share with everyone.

Tequila Enemigo

Tequila; while often associated with Cinco de Mayo, that's not what new brand, Tequila Enemigo, necessarily wants to be associated with. Coming to Los Angeles as its first West Coast destination after a successful New York launch back in November, Tequila Enemigo is a seven time Double Gold award winner that has two products for you to try. Enemigo Extra Añejo 00 is priced at $160; Enemigo Añejo Cristalino 89 is priced at $65, which might seem steep for tequila, but in terms of cost, it's not as expensive as its counterpart, Casa Dragones which retails for over $200 per bottle.


While most people know of Winc for their popular rosé Summer Water, they now have a chillable red called KEEP IT CHILL. Retailing for $17.99 for Winc members and $19.99 for non Winc members, KEEP IT CHILL has an alcohol by volume percentage of 12.7% and has fruity notes of red cherry, raspberry and rhubarb. Additionally, KEEP IT CHILL is the first chilled wine brand known to mankind.


On the down low, this is a robotic cocktail maker. However, this is Barsys 2.0. New features include cocktail recipes by social media’s top mixologists and popular influencers, an eject button for mixers, self-diagnostic feature that will alert Barsys team of any issues, AI learning that tracks the pressurization and depressurization throughout the cocktail making process for optimal accuracy, the ability to connect up to three devices to a single machine through bluetooth, upgraded accessories with sleek new design that prevents leaking, a redesigned app with increased user capability and customization, and a new system making bottles easier to remove and mess-free. Retailing for $1500, it's the only model that's out on the market from Barsys as for the original model has been discontinued. To purchase, visit Barsys' website at https://thebarsys.com.


Liz Abere

In celebration of National Liqueur Day, Baileys is excited to announce of Baileys Red Velvet, which is a limited-edition offering created in collaboration with the cupcake queens themselves, Georgetown Cupcake founders and sisters Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne. Baileys Red Velvet features the iconic flavor of the shop’s number one selling cupcake for a treat straight out of the bakeshop.

Baileys Red Velvet is now available nationwide wherever spirits-based beverages are sold for a suggested retail price of $23.99 for a 750ml bottle while supplies last.

Georgetown Cupcake will also be serving up non-alcoholic Baileys Red Velvet cupcakes infused with the flavor of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur at all of their locations nationwide as well as online throughout November and December; because who doesn't love a good cupcake? I know I sure do.

Sam Adams

Two weeks ago, brewers at Samuel Adams announced the upcoming release of the eleventh batch of their highly sought after, barrel-aged extreme beer, Samuel Adams Utopias. The specialty beer will be available in select locations starting October 15 for a suggested retail price of $210. Another first: Utopias will be available on tap at the Samuel Adams Cincinnati Tap Room for a special anniversary event on November 15. Samuel Adams Utopias clocks in at a robust 28% ABV, making it illegal to sell in 15 states... if you ask me, that's nuts. The flavor profile is reminiscent of rich vintage Port or fine Sherry thanks to its unique barrel-aging process and brewing techniques, 2019 Utopias is enhanced by experimentations with Cognac and Madeira finishing barrels giving distinct vanilla notes and subtle nutty and elegant dark fruit aromas. 

Also, Sam Adams and Dogfish Head have a 'CollaBEEration' with one another, following the merger as a “high five to the hive,” brewers from Samuel Adams and Dogfish Head joined forces to create CollaBEEration, a continually hopped pilsner brewed with Brooklyn and Zambezi honey. Drinkers can enjoy the new brew at Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Taproom and Dogfish Head Milton Brewery starting October 11.

See, wasn't that fun? There's always something new coming out in terms of booze news, or as some people call it, booze clues. Drinking doesn't have to be boring and limited just to one's college days, and I invite everyone to try out these new products. As always, please remember to drink responsibly!