This summer, there's an easy way to get buzzed wherever you are. Buzzbox was created to help people avoid frustrating, long lines at the bar, while also creating a high-quality cocktail that can be brought to any venue. In these warm summer months, Buzzbox cocktails are a great addition to a long hike, poolside party or barbeque with friends. The stress of mixing your own cocktails for people, or of transporting mixed cocktails in Hydroflasks, will be no more. Buzzbox beverages come in eight cocktail flavors, perfect to accompany any trip or summer outing. 

Madelyn Gagnon

Classic Greyhound: Hiking Adventure

The Classic Greyhound has to be my absolute favorite flavor in the entire collection. Made from premium vodka and pink grapefruit juice, this drink is simple, citrusy and extremely refreshing on a hot day. The hint of grapefruit pairs well with vodka, making this drink slightly tart and a perfect addition to a warm hike on a summer day (make sure to consume chilled).

Bloody Mary: Summer Brunch Party 

No brunch is complete without a salty and savory Bloody Mary to accompany your array of food. The next time you're brunching with a group of friends, impress them with a grab-and-go, single-serve cocktail. These drinks take the stress out of entertaining, so you aren't serving as both hostess and bartender. Each pack of Buzzbox contains four boxed cocktails, easily allowing for group buzzing. 

Classic Cosmo: Girl's Night

Madelyn Gagnon

This Classic Cosmo is made with vodka, triple sec and real cranberry juice. This cocktail is sweet with a light boozy finish, making it easy to sip on while hanging with the ladies. If you're looking to have some Sex and the City vibes with the convenience of a ready-to-drink cocktail, Buzzbox's Classic Cosmo is the perfect selection for a girl's night in. If you'd prefer the drink without the box, simply peel the seal and squeeze the box over a glass of ice. 

Long Island Iced Tea: Night Out on the Town

The Long Island is another one of my favorites in the bunch. Its combination of premium vodka, St. Croix lightly oaked rum, gin, triple sec and brewed tea ensure a night of some fun. This iced tea is slightly sweet and easy to sip on, while also packing a punch. Because of this, the Long Island would be a perfect drink to begin a night out on the town, while saving you some money at the bar. 

Perfect Margarita: Boozy Taco Night 

A pack of Buzzbox is more than enough to get a party started, and what goes better with a Taco Night than margaritas? The Perfect Margarita combines premium tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, lime, triple sec and a splash of orange. Rather than going through the hassle of blending batch after batch of homemade margarita, you can chill a pack of Buzzbox, give one to each guest and enjoy the tacos!

Extreme Coconut & Cuban Mojito: Lounging Poolside

Madelyn Gagnon

When laying poolside this summer, cool off with these fruity Buzzbox flavors. The Extreme Coconut cocktail brings you a hint of the tropics, with a blend of vodka that is infused with coconut flavor and imported coconut water. It's like drinking a hydrating coconut water 2.0. The Cuban Mojito is more citrusy, using mint and lime to refresh your palate. This cocktail blends lemon, lime, cane sugar and silver rum infused with mint. When chilled, both are a great accompaniment to an afternoon of warm, poolside relaxation.  

Whiskey Lemonade: Summer Barbeque 

A summer barbeque isn't complete without some sweet and slightly tart lemonade. Buzzbox's Whiskey Lemonade will help you kick your next shindig up a notch. This cocktail combines triple grain whiskey, triple sec and orange juice. The Whiskey Lemonade is sweet, a little tangy and very refreshing, which makes it a great combo for some summertime barbeque fare

A Buzz in a Box

What sets these cocktails apart (along with their great flavor) is their innovative packaging. Each Tetrapack box contains a ready to drink, single-serve cocktail, that'll definitely help you get your buzz on. These boxes are also recyclable and very easy to transport due to their compact size. A pack of Buzzbox is $14.99, which is decently affordable, considering you're getting four premium cocktails for the price of one drink at an upscale bar. Next time you're looking to get your buzz on, Buzzbox cocktails can be found at BevMo, Whole Foods and Total Wine & More. 

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