We like to judge people by the content of their character and the same can be said for fridges. Since we chose to have things to around eat that fit into our lifestyles, the contents of a fridge provides insight into someone's life.

After opening a few doors - of both the temperature-controlled and metaphoric kind - I've come to understand what certain food items indicate about the life of the fridge owner.

Iced Coffee

Congratulations, you've joined the cult of the caffeinated. Since you have moved past actually going out to get iced coffee, keeping it ready and waiting in your fridge signals that you most likely publicly reject the name brand coffee corporations in favor of obscure and oddly-named brews.

You enjoy explaining to less educated coffee drinkers the nuances of different roasts while they nod along but secretly just want to douse the whole thing in more cream and sugar.


You bought (or took from the dining hall) fruit with the intent of having a healthy snack in between classes and camping out in the dining halls, indicating that you are trying to avoid the dreaded #Freshman15.

Fruit also is one of the few things that will remain in your fridge until it is too late. You now have to throw out the produce and your good intention since college has turned you into a junk food-lover that needs the reward of chocolate after finishing a paper.

Carbonated Water

Despite living on a college budget, you have not forgone the finer things in life. Regular water just doesn't cut it - you can get that at any old water fountain. So adding some bubbles and elegant bottle or can can brighten your day while still providing an opportunity for a possible Snapchat story. Extra points if you have chilled fruit suspended in your bougie drink.

Cookie Dough

The fact that there's cookie dough leftover after your initial purchase or creation of it testifies to your possession of extreme willpower. Either that, or you made yourself sick the first go round and are waiting for round two. Aside from a belief that you will not contract salmonella, having cookie dough also indicates a major sweet tooth that is tied to the tradition of making cookies.


Either your parents were just in town or you broke down after weeks of dining hall food and talked your friends into pooling the single-digit amount of money you each had to go out to a real restaurant. Now you can avoid the dining hall lines and eat from the comfort of your dorm while catching up on your Netflix series. 


You've somehow found out how to use the kitchenettes in your dorm/apartment and felt like #adulting, so you bought the supplies to achieve an important milestone in growing up: learning how to cook eggs. While it may take you a few cracks at it, you'll eventually make something edible and you can now claim to have a specialty dish when you have guests.