Dean from "The Bachelorette" is literally everyone's soulmate. I don't know when it happened, but my entire office can't stop talking about this 6'2" stunner (and not just because he's over 6', but that certainly doesn't hurt). I was personally thrilled when Rachel sent him home after his truly shocking hometown date, because you know, now I might have a chance. And I have been following him intensely on social media ever since. #stalker

On a podcast with former Bachelor Ben Higgins and Ashley I, Dean spoke at length about his time on the show and relationship with Rachel. More importantly, however, he discussed his diet in extensive details, and I'm planning on eating like him starting now. Here is exactly how to eat like Dean from "The Bachelorette."

Lots of Hot Cheetos

Dean admitted that he would do just about anything for some Hot Cheetos, and I'm going to take that statement literally. Many people on the interwebs have also run with his famed obsession and created flaming hot pics of him and equally Hot Cheetos, and they're truly an lol


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Kelly Ho

Dean's favorite childhood memory involves "watching a demolition derby [with his brothers] and eating Oreos," but I'm going to take that as a sign of his love for Oreos. Not to mention, he also told Ashley I. that he loved the endless supply of Oreos in The Bachelor mansion. Those chocolatey cookies are as universally well-regarded as Dean, so I'm not surprised that he likes 'em. 


Though he didn't talk about this in his podcast sesh, we can always appreciate a good food Insta. This vintage food pic from Dean's Instagram is relatable af. I appreciate that he leaned into the basic-ness of this shot with the #typicalfoodpic, but I mainly love that he eats his In-N-Out the right way: Animal Style

Call Him the Candy Man

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Christin Urso

Ashley I. brought Dean a healthy amount of candy (read: a lot of candy), and he was 100 percent here for it. His favorite sweet treats include Peanut M&Ms and licorice. I can understand the M&Ms, but licorice is kind of throwing me for a loop. 

Some Refreshing Ice Cream

Like his love for Hot Cheetos, Dean is not shy about his obsession with Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. He specifically requested that, in the case he was left on a deserted island, it be made of "[h]ot Cheetos and mint chocolate chip ice cream." I am requesting to also be left on that island. 

Avocados on Avocados

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Heather Feibleman

Perhaps the biggest reveal of this podcast was Dean's hangover cure: avocados and eggs. During the show, Dean started every day "hungover [with] a bunch of eggs with avocado." SAME. He went on to say that "one of the best things about going on the show was just the endless supply of avocados." 

I truly doubt that Dean subsists solely on these foods and maintains that hot bod, but his food faves are still relatable af. I mean, pretty sure most people in America love Oreos and Avocados. Dean is every basic teenage girl with a food Instagram, and I love it.