I'll admit it, I'm a Starbucks junkie, which means I'm no stranger to the menu. So when a new snack popped up called "Hippeas," it caught my eye. 

A New Kind of Snacking

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Mallory Gunnels

Snacks typically serve one purpose for people: a nice treat between meals. But with Hippeas, you get so much more. Their take on the traditional snack is not only great for the consumer but for the rest of the world. Sounds dramatic, I know, but hear me out. 

What Does it Mean to be a Hippea?

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Mallory Gunnels

Being a Hippea, or "modern [hippy]" according to their website, is a state of mind. It's being a part of a community of people filled with optimism for the world... a community that also happens to love snacks. Something I knew I could happily support. 

The CEO of the company, Livio Bisterzo, proclaims that "Hippeas is one big ‘family’. There is a real sense of ‘change the world for a better place.’”

Good for Every Snacker

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Mallory Gunnels

Gluten free? Check. Vegan? Check. 

Unlike those "veggie chips" that got popular a few years ago, these organic guilt-free snacks are not only low in calories but packed with fiber and protein (and insane amounts of flavor). 

Giving Back to the World

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Mallory Gunnels

Hippeas taught me that chickpeas are not only good for your body, but also good for the earth. Win-win. 

"Chickpea plants naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow. They’re good for the planet… simply by being themselves." - Hippeas website

I've always loved chickpeas but now they have a special place in my heart...but mostly my stomach. 

Promoting "Peas" Everywhere

Hippeas cares about hunger around the world. If the company weren't unique enough, they support Farm Africa, a charity focused on aiding African agriculture. This leads to the enhancement of the local communities in more ways than one; giving meaning behind every crunch. 

Our Favorites

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Mallory Gunnels

Far Out Fajita: "It has the flavor of your favorite Tex-mex; if only I had a marg to go with it." - Spoon Member

Maple Haze: I really enjoyed this one. It has a funky sweet twist on the traditional BBQ flavor.

Pepper Power: "I was hesitant at first with this one because I'm not a huge pepper fan but I found myself finishing the bag in no time, don't be afraid to try this flavor out!" - Spoon Member

Vegan White Cheddar: Hands-down this was everyone's favorite. They always seem to run out way too fast. 

”I wanted to create something that could be a real challenger brand that would shake up a big category—salty snacks. I knew that we had the skill set to execute. I just needed a product that could deliver a premium yet affordable proposition that could grow fast and launch globally." - CEO Livio Bisterzo

Stop by your local Starbucks to try out the snack that keeps giving. But keep your eyes "pea"-lled, I have no doubt these amazing new treats will be popping up everywhere before we know it.