Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats just got bigger, because the cereal brand just invented its first original board game. The game, Morning Craze, features funny stories inspired by real people. With many families at home now, it is the perfect time to revive an old school game night (or morning!). The board game is centered around ‘The Growl,’ referring to the firsthand experience of skipping breakfast. We have all been there.


This cereal brand’s press release highlights the need to entertain family at the kitchen table. The premise is to silence ‘The Growl’ at the end of the game by overcoming the 'Growl Cards' and collecting cereal pieces along the way. With game and toy sales soaring from quarantine, Kellog’s product could not have come at a better time. Fans can grab their game now here.

Staying at home has made it harder to find activities to do while hanging out with the roomies. Whether it is preparing snacks for game day or eating ice cream to fight the sunday scaries, we are always looking for ways to have fun. Grab some tequila and incorporate Morning Craze into your game nights. After all, any board game can be made for adults!