Hear your stomach? Stalking food Instagrams? Complaining to your friends? These are all symptoms of being hungry. But of course, it is not only the feeling of hunger that haunts us, it is the thoughts of a hungry person that we all must face. Here are the 10 things you're probably thinking when you're hungry AF.

1. "What should my next snack be?"

sweet, cookie
Elizabeth Layman

Recognize the emphasis on snack and not meal. In an average person’s brain, we may occasionally think about what we are going to do for our next meal. However, if you never get full, it is the constant struggle of what the next snack should be. 

2. "Are you kidding me?"

This is obviously thought in context because the burning question could be in regards to many things. It is hard to always be hungry, so when people ask “Are you really going to eat all that?” or “Aren’t you full?” or the worst one, “Are you too full for dessert?"—the thought of every hungry person truly is ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Of course I am going to eat it all, no I am not full and I always have room for dessert. If you ever encounter these comments, remove that negativity from your life. 

3. "Wow!"

pepper, vegetable, rice, tomato
Megan Prendergast

While this is just a simple word, we hungry humans are always thinking it. Especially on a college campus, you will often find someone eating something and it almost always just looks "Wow!" 

After you finish a great meal, the feeling is always "Wow!" When you order your food and are so content with the order, "Wow" This is a good thought because you are always able to be amazed and cheered up by some good lookin' grub. 

4. "Food! Where?"

bread, cookie, chocolate, biscuits, dairy product, cake
Sarah Strong

Even after a great meal, if someone tells a hungry person that there is food somewhere, the mind goes blank and finds the food. Just because I just ate does not mean I will pass up free food so tell me where the food is and nobody gets hurt. 

5. "I really thought I ate enough…:"

bacon, cheese, beef, hamburger
Tess Worthington

The thought occurs in the best of us. You ate a big meal and feel like you’re going to throw up but then you quickly reboot and realize you’re still hungry. How can that be? Stop trying to think that you ate enough because most likely, you are just going to get hungry again soon. Not to worry, it happens! 

6. "Is it worth the trip?"

The battle that everyone has to bear at some point. The food you so desire is nowhere close by, so you ask yourself if it's worth getting up. You may be on a top bunk bed, or in a cozy blanket on your couch, or even just sitting in a chair, but when you realize you are hungry, it's haunting. Is it worth the trip? Let me tell you—it is. 

7. "Is there more?"

tomato, egg, toast, bread, sandwich, lettuce, bacon, salad, croque madame, cheese
Tiare Brown

Yes. That is what the answer should always be, regardless of the situation. Being hungry more often than not usually means more than one helping of food. So yes, we are always wondering if there is more because it’s never enough.

However, sad times do occur and sometimes there aren't leftovers. Brace yourself and make some snacks so your "hungry" doesn't turn into hangry (angry and hungry). 

8. "Should I? I shouldn’t."

doughnut, sweet, pastry, chocolate, sprinkles, candy, cake, cookie
Phoebe Melnick

That horrible argument everyone always has with themselves and hates to win and hates to lose. When you are constantly hungry, it means you deal with the constant battle of "should I eat that?" or "do I finally, for once, use self-control.?"

It is a hard and ongoing tussle and usually the solution is never the right one.

#SpoonTip: The answer is always “I should."

9. "This is a snack not a meal, right?"

Louisa Hanson

It started with pretzels, then you brought out the peanut butter, then the toast, then the banana and an apple and some turkey—oh, but you finished with the pretzels? Yes, then it is still a snack. Technically, there is no divide between a meal and a snack. So when people are always hungry, the snack we're eating may look like a meal but IT IS NOT—so please don't bother asking. 

10. "I’m hungry."

If you are always hungry, then you are definitely familiar with this nagging thought. It is a hard thing to fathom when three meals a day is enough for others because all you do is fantasize about food.

And how could you not think about being hungry? With all of the food videos, pictures, or conversations it just adds on to your hunger level. This grueling thought lurks above our heads like a storm cloud. Feeding us may make it better but the thought will never disappear.  

So if I had lunch thirty minutes ago, do I have granola, yogurt or popcorn in the next twenty minutes? All I know is I need more food.