The best part of living in Canada is that I get to meet a lot of people from around the world. I found a part-time job where my assistant manager happens to be from Brazil. After reading about Brazilian food, I decided to ask her how people eat in her country, and this is what I found out. 

1. Always make sure your hands are visible

Two Pairs of Hands at Table with Coffee and iPad

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In Brazil, it is polite to show your hands to others on the table. This means you shouldn't put your hands on your lap. However, always remember that while you should make sure your hands are visible, elbows are not allowed on the table.

2. Never eat with your hands

Upside-down French Fry Eating

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Continuing with hand etiquette, you should never eat any food with your hands. Yes, this includes pizza, fries, and even fruits. You should always use a fork and a knife to cut those into slices. Surprisingly, my assistant manager would slice her grape into pieces and eat them with a fork.

If you are eager to use your fingers, make sure you use a napkin to ensure your fingers do not touch the food.

3. Do not make chewing noises


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In some cultures, it is courteous to make some noise while eating. But in Brazil, this is a definitely not a polite thing to do. So make sure you don't make any noises while hanging with your Brazilian friends.

4. Never start eating unless everyone has their food


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Yes, it's hard to restrain yourself from attacking delicious food in front of you. However, it is a polite thing to do in Brazil to wait until all the meal is served before pleasuring your stomach.

5. Never show your teeth while using a toothpick


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After a good meal, you may have some residue stuck in your teeth. It is perfectly okay to use a toothpick in this case. Just make sure you cover your beautiful white teeth with a napkin, if not, at least with your hand.

6. Do enjoy that free coffee at the end

Nada como um cafezinho antes de estudar... #coffee

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My assistant manager told me you are most likely to be served with a cafezinho at the end of the meal when you dine out. As she explained, cafezinho is as dark as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, and tastes sweet like love. Sure don't want to miss out on that.

Learning to love a new cuisine is always nice. And it's even better to embrace the culture's dining habits, as well. After all, manners, maketh man