Everybody loved In-N-Out—at least I do. Whether you've seen people brag about it on Instagram, or have had the privilege of tasting it yourself, you can't deny that an In-N-Out burger is heaven on the tastebuds. Although it might be well-known for its secret menu, and its mission to provide fresh and healthy food in the fastest way possible—I gathered some highly-interesting facts that will make you appreciate the brand even more. `

1. It Was California's First Drive-Through 

Now the term "In-n-Out" makes so much more sense! Apparently the founders didn't have enough money to buy a necessary space when they first started out in 1948. So instead they invented the revolutionary two-way speaker system and made a drive-through in a parking lot in Baldwin Park, California, for quick and easy food pick-ups without leaving your car.

2. The Yellow Arrow Wasn't Always There

It was only introduced in 1954 and is supposed to stand for "an arrow that points to pride" and "we all work under the same arrow".

3. Julia Child Was Obsessed With In-N-Out

Yep, even Julia Child could not resist the temptation of these mouthwatering Burgers, calling them "awfully good" in an interview. She even asked her assistant to get her usual order while she was in hospital recovering from knee surgery.

4. Anthony Bourdain's Feels the Same

In a recent Youtube video, Bourdain dubs In-N-Out as his favourite restaurant in LA. He also frequently posts about his love for the burgers on Instagram.

5. Paris Hilton Used In-N-Out As An Excuse for Her DUI Arrest

“And um, I had one margarita, starving ’cause I had not ate all day, on my way to In-N-Out which is probably three blocks away, and I’m in my (Mercedes) SLR, which is a little fast, so maybe I was speeding a little bit and I got pulled over.”— Paris Hilton

6. They Love Their Employees

The fast food chain is actually one of the few of its kind that pays its employees more than the federally and and state mandated minimum wage. As of 2016, it pays US$ 11.00 an hour in California, plus allows for one free meal a day, paid holidays, and flexible scheduling. I'll take that.

7. There Is an In-N-Out University

Yep, you read that right. The University was founded in 1984 and ensures that all managers "receive the training that lets guests look forward to the highest quality food, cleanliness and customer service". Time to send in those applications.

8. The Protein Burger Has Been Around Since The 1970's  

Contrary to popular belief, the bun-less "burger"on the secret menu is not a response to the recent Atkins diet fads out there. It was put on the menu in the late 70's when Harry Snyder, the son of the founder of In-N-Out was dieting but still wanted to eat burgers.

9. They Won't Be Changing Their Menu Anytime Soon

Luckily this also includes their (not so) secret menu. But did you know there's an even more secret menu? Spoiler alert: it includes root beer floats. 

10. A Hardcore In-N-Out Fan Has an Instagram Page Dedicated to Just Him Eating Burgers

His Instagram page is literally a grid of him eating from this exact same angle. This only goes to show how popular this fast food chain really is. As a wise man named Wiz Khalifa once said, "I ain't addicted, I'm committed."