All things food—trendy or just downright delicious—are great. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the new food out there. To help you stay in the know, we've compiled a menu of five awesome things in food news that you need to be eating (or at least know about) today. 

On the Menu

+ Georgetown Cupcakes brought back a collab with Lilly Pulitzer for a good cause

+ Sweetgreen has a new fish taco bowl for the summer, thanks to customers' Tweets

+ Pop-Tarts Splitz are coming in May with two new dessert flavors

+ If pink gin isn't your vibe, you can give hot sauce-flavored gin a try

Georgetown Cupcakes Are Making Lilly Pulitzer-inspired Cupcakes For a Good Cause

Georgetown Cupcakes, the cupcake shop you might remember from TLC's "DC Cupcakes," is bringing back a Lilly Pulitzer collaboration to make the cutest, brightest cupcakes. The cupcakes come in a pack of 12, called the Georgetown Cupcake x Lilly Pulitzer Resort Dozen. 

According to Georgetown's website, the cupcake pack includes two Valrhona chocolate cupcakes decorated in "Lilly Green" vanilla buttercream frosting, two Pineapple Banana Toasted Coconut cupcakes, two "Tropical Flower" vanilla cupcakes, two Citrus Blossom cupcakes, two "Lilly Pink" Vanilla & Buttercream cupcakes, and two Salted Caramel "Beach" cupcakes. 

The cupcakes launched earlier this week, but you can get your hands on them through April 30. The best part—15 percent of proceeds will be donated to the Hope for Henry Foundation, which works to improve medical care for ill children and their families. 

Sweetgreen Has a New Fish Taco Bowl Thanks to People on Social Media

Sweetgreen is preparing for warmer weather with a new Fish Taco Bowl (just in time for next week's Cinco de Mayo celebrations we might add). The bowl features warm quinoa, arugula, purple cabbage, cilantro, tortilla chips, and steelhead fish, mixed with hot sauce and a lime cilantro dressing. At only 526 calories, it's basically a much lighter version of your regular Chipotle burrito bowl, and will definitely help fuel you for the rest of your day.

The Fish Taco Bowl is part of Sweetgreen's new core menu that launched on March 29. New menu items were added based off of customer's Tweets and results via focus groups, so they really listened to the fans on this one. You can get the Fish Taco Bowl, along with a Spicy Thai Salad (Vegan), Lentil + Avocado Salad ( Vegetarian), Chicken Pesto Parm Warm Bowl, and a Curry Chickpea Warm Bowl today. 

Pop-Tarts "Splitz" Are Coming Back and They Combine Your Favorite Desserts

Photo courtesy of Kellog's

It's been a while since Pop-Tart Splitz were on the store shelves, but according to Delish, they're officially coming back this May. The new flavors include a Frosted Strawberry and Drizzled Cheesecake combo and a Drizzled Sugar Cookie and Frosted Brownie Batter combo. Each Pop-Tart will be split, hence the name, with one flavor from the combo on each side. You can break them apart and eat each flavor separately, or go wild and bite right down the middle. 

Hot Sauce Gin Is a Thing, But You Can Only Get It in the UK

Photo courtesy of FIREBOX

Coming from the people at FIREBOX in the UK who make Unicorn Tears Gin, it's no surprise their latest concoction might actually make you cry literal tears. Meet Hot Sauce Gin. It's infused with, you guessed it, hot sauce. However, according to the product description, it's "hot enough to pack a punch," but won't do any real damage. So that's good. Right now, you can't ship it to the US though, which we know isn't meant to be, but kind of feels like some sort of punishment on Americans for creating Fireball.