All things food—trendy or just downright delicious—are great. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the new food out there. To help you stay in the know, here are five things in food news that you need to know about today.


+ Pink boxed gin exists, but we wouldn't recommend slapping the bag on this one

+ Selena Gomez prepared to watch Amy Schumer's "I Feel Pretty" with the snack line up of your dreams

+ New Coke slushies are the equivalent of a nearly-frozen Capri Sun, but you'll need a plane ticket to try them

+ Trader Joe's new Party Cake has a lot of rainbow sprinkles, and would go perfectly with that boxed gin, eh? 

+ Corona Light turned its beer into gummy candy, limes included

Throw a Party—Pink Boxed Gin Exists

If you're throwing a big party soon (say, a college graduation party?), you might need to splurge on this big box of gin. Pinkster, a gin-maker based in the UK, now sells their raspberry-steeped pink gin in a three liter box. To put its size in perspective, the product description says it's equal to "just over four regular bottles." You could also compare it to a smaller box of Franzia wine, because it's what we're all thinking. However, slapping a bag of gin sounds kind of terrible and slightly dangerous, so you should avoid that.

Now, for some slightly bad news: Pinkster gin is only available across the pond, and is a tad pricier than your boxed vino. You can get the "Pinkster On Tap" box for £135.00 (about $188). British graduates, maybe you can add this to your list of "first apartment essentials."

Selena Gomez Had an Epic Snack Line-up For Watching "I Feel Pretty"

This past weekend, Selena Gomez posted a video of her snacks as she got ready to watch Amy Schumer's "I Feel Pretty."

"We got pizza, an enchilada casserole, I got lavender ice cream, strawberry vanilla ice cream, and cookie dough something, and cones... so I feel pretty,” Selena says, smiling and holding up a bag of ice cream cones. 

Selena's epic snacks are in part due to the fact that she is watching the movie in her pajamas at home, because Amy personally sent her a copy of the movie (no big). So, her snacking options are actually endless—way beyond buttered popcorn and Goobers at the local movie theater. 

Although "I Feel Pretty" has had mixed reviews since hitting theaters last week, Selena captioned her post with a note recommending "all my ladies out there" go see the movie, and called it a modern day "13 Going on 30." Maybe you could sneak a Tupperware full of that enchilada casserole in and decide for yourself.

Coca-Cola Is Launching a Slushie Version, But Only in Japan

Japan seriously has some of the coolest food products, from green tea-flavored Kit Kats to banana split Hi-Chew. Now, they have Coca-Cola Frozen.

According to Pretty52, the drink is a frozen lemon-flavored Coke that comes in a squeezable pouch perfect for hot summer barbecues and trips to the beach. While nothing has been said on whether or not this product will make it to the US, you can make your own soda slushie by pouring Coke into an ice tray, freezing it, and then blending the frozen cubes with a little more chilled soda. Add a bit of lemon juice to get the full effect of the Japanese version. 

Trader Joe's Has a New Party Cake, and There Are A LOT of Sprinkles

Trader Joe's has a new cake and if you don't have a party planned, this cake will start one. It serves 8-10 people and has two layers of vanilla cake covered in vanilla buttercream frosting with a heck of a lot of pastel-colored confetti sprinkles. You can customize the top of it with a personalized message, or candles, or just leave it plain (that leaves more time for eating it anyways). 

Trader Joe's says it's "made without the artificial junk you’ll find in most ready-made, grocery store cakes," and that "each cake literally looks like it’s taken a slow roll through a pile of confetti." You can get a Party Cake today at Trader Joe's for $6.99. 

Corona Light Now Has a Gummy Candy Version of Its Beer

Corona has paired up with Sugarfina to turn its beer into gummy candy. Well, at least the flavor of it's beer—there's no actual alcohol in the candy, so you're not gonna get buzzed after throwing down 15 or so.

The collab actually created two candy flavors. "But First, Cerveza" gummies are shaped like a Corona bottle and taste like the light version of the Mexican beer. The second flavor, "Here For a Good Lime" gummies are shaped like a lime and perfectly complement the first flavor, because everyone knows a Corona is not complete without a lime wedge.

Right now, you can pre-order the Corona-inspired candies on Sugarfina's website and have them delivered by Cinco de Mayo. Pair them with the real thing for max celebrating.