If you've ever been to an organic farm, you know that real fruit does not always look like the Whole Foods produce section. Sadly, the misshapen, discolored, and bruised fruits and veggies never make it to the store and end up in a landfill. Food Waste constitutes 21% percent of our landfills and accounts for $218 billion lost revenue (in the form of growing, processing, transporting, and disposing) annually. 

The Solution 

Georgetown University alumni, Ann Yang and Phillip Wong, started Misfit Juicery to help solve the food waste problem by making their products with 70-80% recovered fruits and veggies. With this mission in mind, the two set off to make the best tasting, most environmentally friendly juice out there.

The Misfits

Misfit Juice uses some of the 20 billion pounds of unsold or unharvested fruit and veggies to make fresh, cold-pressed juices. No fruit goes to waste; the left over juice pulp is picked up by Compost Cab and recycled back into the earth to help new veggies grow. 

The Juice

Although the produce might look different, that doesn't take away the integrity of the flavor that the juice ultimately contains. Additionally, these juices contain no added sugar or preservatives and are cold-pressed. With flavors like 24 Carrot Gold, OffBeet, and Pear to the People, each sip is as crips, fresh, and delicious as it is beneficial.

Hear From the Founders 

Join The Corp, StartupHoyas, GU Eating Society, and Spoon, at Hilltoss on November 30th at 8:00 pm to hear from founders Ann Yang and Phillip Wong. Attendees will get to hear from Wong and Yang talk about their experiences as young entrepreneurs working in DC and will also get to sample various juices. You can buy Misfit Juice at various locations in DC, NY, NJ, CT, as well as Vital Vittles and The Hilltoss at Georgetown University.