Students come to Tulane University from all over the world for many different reasons– one of the many reasons being the incredible variety of food in New Orleans. Luckily, different restaurants across town accept NOLA Bucks, which come with a Tulane meal plan. In order to take advantage of this, here's a list of some of the best restaurants that take NOLA bucks.

1. Fresco

What better way to take advantage of your meal plan than to try something from Fresco's diverse, delicious food selection? From homemade pizza to pita wraps, this restaurant has it all and at a reasonable price, which means you can still hang on to some of those NOLA bucks after your meal. The chill atmosphere of Fresco and the fact that it's walking distance from Tulane's campus are just two more reasons why you should consider taking the trip down to Maple Street.

2. Moe's Original Bar-B-Que

If you ever find yourself craving quality Southern soul food, look no further. Moe's is a top-notch BBQ restaurant with its own New Orleans flair. Patrons are allowed to choose their own combination of sides to go with the main dish, be that pulled pork, chicken, or even fried catfish, and you won't want to miss out on their incredible cornbread or bread pudding. If you're feeling adventurous and looking to spend only around 10 of those precious NOLA Bucks, Moe's is the place for you. 

3. Mahony's Po-boys

If you've been living in New Orleans for more than a few weeks and you haven't tried Cajun food, are you really living in NOLA? Mahony's specializes in all things Cajun, with a diverse menu that ranges anywhere from crawfish etouffée to 20 different kinds of po-boys. While the price range here is a little larger than the previous restaurants, you won't regret spending your semester's worth of NOLA Bucks on a platter of oysters and shrimp from Mahony's.

4. Louisiana Pizza Kitchen

While the name may fool you, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen is more than just a fantastic Southern pizzeria. Its diverse menu has a unique mixture of Cajun and Italian food, making Louisiana Pizza Kitchen truly one of a kind. The shrimp pizza will satisfy all of your Cajun and Italian food cravings in one meal, while the meatball po-boy could very well accomplish the same effect. With most dishes having a price around 10 dollars, you won't even miss the NOLA Bucks you spend here.

5. The Big Cheezy

The Big Cheezy is an innovative grilled cheese joint that will have your inner 10-year-old self never wanting to leave. Leave all of your preconceptions about grilled cheese at the door before trying their Shrimp Remmy– a grilled cheese with shrimp, gouda swiss, remoulade, and caramelized onion– or the famous Mac n' Cheezy– a sandwich stuffed with four-cheese bacon mac n' cheese. With the most expensive grilled cheese creation only costing about 11 dollars, the Big Cheezy will make sure your NOLA Bucks go a long way.

6. Mellow Mushroom

If you're like me and your hometown doesn't have Mellow Mushroom, now is your chance to truly take advantage of being a Tulane student by using your NOLA Bucks to spoil yourself on this top-notch pizza. Whether you go for one of their incredible specialty pizzas or decide to try your hand at building your own, you can't go wrong here. Both the extraordinary food and the great atmosphere (the staff provides board games for patrons while waiting for food) make Mellow Mushroom a must.

Now you know that NOLA Bucks can go a lot further than just for buying pizza from the Boot. Using your NOLA Bucks wisely at these amazing restaurants is truly a necessity for Tulane students to have a successful four years.