As a huge snack girl, I frequently find myself roaming around Whispers or Café Bergson at Washington University in St. Louis in hopes of discovering new and delicious snacks. Time after time I have been disappointed, so I began to look elsewhere for the best snacks out there: the bookstore. 

We all pass the row of candy when checking out with our books or apparel, but there are many more rows full of all types of snacks. Whether you are in the mood for a unique candy mix or an all-natural snack, the bookstore has you covered. Though the snacks are a bit overpriced, you can use your BearBucks and don't need to pay taxes. To help you satisfy your snacking needs, I've compiled a list of the five best snacks I've tried from the bookstore, listed in no particular order.

Skinny Dipped Almonds  

I have seen both the plain dark chocolate and dark chocolate peanut butter flavors at the bookstore before and highly recommend both. These almonds are packed with protein and flavor, helping you get through a long day of class. They contain less fat and sugar than traditional brands of chocolate covered almonds but are just as delicious! You can buy these for $2.49.

Annie's Microwavable Mac and Cheese

Addie Bard

This snack is perfect for another late night on main campus or in your dorm or apartment when you just can't eat any more sandwiches. These packs are quick, easy, and filling and are only $2.49. The bookstore also carries the Kraft version of these Mac n' cheese cups at a slightly lower price, but I prefer the Annie's because of the flavor variety and natural ingredients. 


Hippeas are the next biggest snack food and are packed full of flavor. A healthier alternative to chips, Hippeas are made from chickpeas but still have a satisfying crunch. The bookstore has five of their flavors, my favorite being Sriracha Sunshine. Best of all, they are vegan and gluten free and can be bought for $3.99. 

G.H. Cretors "The Mix" Popcorn

Addie Bard

This bag of popcorn is comprised of half caramel corn and half cheddar corn, creating the ultimate sweet and salty combination and making for the best snack when you can't decide if you're craving something salty or sweet. This popcorn is the perfect pick-me-up while studying and lets you enjoy a variety of fun flavors all in one sitting. A bag of this irresistible snack costs only $2.99.  

5. Dang Coconut Chips     

Coconut chips are the ideal sweet food that you can continue to munch on. Coconuts are naturally sweet, so these chips only have three grams of added sugar. Despite their sweetness, coconut still provides a multitude of health benefits and these chips are definitely less sweet than a candy bar. The bookstore also sells these in multiple flavors, but you can't go wrong with the original for $2.99. 

So next time you forget to bring a snack to campus from home or want to switch it up, check out the bookstore. Whether you're looking for an immediate snack or a snack for later, it's definitely worth checking out. Conveniently located and full of all of the best treats, you are sure to find something you love—no matter how surprising—at WashU's bookstore. Let the snacking adventures begin.