My hometown in CT, Berlin, puts on a fair each year filled with food, friends, beer, games and a good time. At this Berlin Fair there are of course vendors to buy clothes and nik naks from, but obviously, as with all fairs, food takes the cake here.

So I tried a as many different things I could over the past few days, and these were the best things I tasted. Honestly, even the "worst" item I had I would still give a solid 7. 

8. Deep Fried Pickles 

Jessica Heckman

My least favorite out of the group were these fried pickles. My friend Kait would kill me for this because these are her favorite but I just didn't like that were fried in cornmeal. 

7. Pierogis

vegetable, salt, sweet
Jessica Heckman

I come from a Polish family. We make pierogis homemade for Christmas each year with my Babci's (grandmother in polish) recipe.  I love pierogis of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Of course I loved these, but they just weren't homemade and most likely came from a box in a freezer. 

6. Fried Mac & Cheese 

chicken, potato, fish, meat, fish fingers, fish and chips
Jessica Heckman

Alright, the foods from here on out were all 10's. How could one not LOVE fried mac & cheese? This was a hardest decision having to pick my favorite but sadly this one just didn't make it. I like baked mac & cheese better. 

5. Fried Dough 

flour, dough, bread, cake, pastry, beignets, sweet
Jessica Heckman

Fried dough from the Upbeat booth is always one of my favorites. I used to have to make them and hand them out in high school—so how could I not go back and indulge in one of these delicious creations when I had the chance? 

4. Fried Oreos 

pastry, sweet, cake
Jessica Heckman

As you can see I ate a lot of fried food lol. They literally melt in your mouth and are just amazing.  

3. Bratwurst Sandwich 

pork, chicken
Jessica Heckman

After 17 years of going to the fair, this was my first time trying a bratwurst sandwich and can I say it was DELICIOUS. Just look at how perfect it is. 

2. Butterfly Potatoes 

chips, potato, french fries
Jessica Heckman

I'm going to have to say that this one ties for first place. These fries are amazing and are always the first thing I go for when I get to the fair.

If you've never put vinegar on your potatoes before, do it. It's a game changer. 

1. The Big Donut 

beer, bird
Jessica Heckman

And last but surely not least comes the big donut. People literally wait in line for a good 30 minutes just to get one. Who wouldn't want to eat a sugary goodness the size of their own face?

If all of your mouths aren't watering, I'm sorry I disappointed you. But seriously, next year if you are in CT the last weekend of September/ first weekend of October, you should so check out the Berlin Fair. Also, if there is any other fairs your going to this fall and need someone to go with you, call me. I won't say no.