Everybody is aware of the unicorn food trend that's blown up on Instagram. Ice cream, Frappuccinos, lattes, baked goods—it seems like everything these days has been unicorn-ized in some way. However, there is one thing (other than their colorful and beautiful appearance) that these foods have in common: they are all quite unhealthy and sugar-laden. We haven't been able to indulge in unicorn food fantasies in a healthy way—until now.

All About Unicorn Bar Co.

Lucky for us, Unicorn Bar Co. makes a protein-packed, low-sugar bar that tastes just like candy. The company has one goal: to put smiles on people's faces and spread good vibes. And, with protein bars that taste as amazing as the ones they make, their goal is easily accomplished. 

The Unicorn Crunch Bars are soft-baked and covered in a delicious yogurt-like coating. The bar itself is soft and chewy, and there are small crispy nuggets of goodness scattered throughout. Each and every bar is produced in the United States and packaged and shipped out quickly to ensure you get your unicorn food as fast as possible.

Not only do these bars taste incredible, but the packaging is adorable. In every box you order, you are guaranteed to get one "magical unicorn horn" wrapped bar, which is perfect for selfies with your new favorite snack.

The Taste

The bars come in two amazing flavors: Vanilla Frosted Chocolate Brownie and, my personal favorite, Iced Cinnamon Roll.

The Vanilla Frosted Chocolate Brownie has a chewy and chocolaty center, and is coated with a sweet vanilla coating that melts in your mouth. 

The Iced Cinnamon Roll Flavor is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of cinnamon and lots of sweetness from the vanilla flavored coating.

Both flavors have small crunchy bits that add another layer of texture to the bar.

Where To Get Them

You can buy these bars directly from Unicorn Bar's website. A single bar will will cost you $2.79 and a box of 12 will run you $27.99. Although the cost might seem steep, the quality and taste of their product is totally worth it. And let's not forget about the amazing unicorn selfies that you can take with these.