The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure. The drama, romance and sheer cattiness of the contestants makes the perfect recipe for entertaining reality TV. From Arie's uncomfortable journey to Chris' forgettable one, every season promises something new. Season 23 is no different, as bachelor Colton Underwood confronts a whole slew of interesting women. While it's true that we often see similar personalities from season to season, I truly don't think we've ever seen a contestant who's never been kissed. There's really no way to prepare for all the drama the producers dream up, but playing along to this season's ultimate drinking game is one way to start.


Take a sip when...

- Someone mentions Colton's virginity

- Colton kisses someone

- Someone says the word "fun"

- Colton is shirtless

Take two sips when...

- There's a random selfie video of Colton (part awkward, part uncomfortable?) 

- The pageant drama between contestants Caelynn and Hannah B. comes up

- Demi goes out of her way to be the villain

- The group date makes you cringe

- Hannah B invents a new word

Finish your cup when...

- You start rooting for Demi (aren't we all?)

- You forget one of the contestant's names (Erin? Erika? Elyse? They all blend together like a fine red wine)

- You practice pronouncing Onyeka's name with Colton but realize she's going home tonight, anyway

- You start to question if the couple could work in "real life"

- You get pissed with everyone talking about age (is 31 the new 50? 

Take a shot when...

- You correctly predict who's going to be eliminate

- You take a guess about who's going to win the final rose

- You can't wait for next week's episode because the teasers are always SO FREAKING GOOD

Good luck next Monday! Happy drinking!