I grew up watching the "Halloweentown" movie series, and to this day, they're still some of my favorite movies to watch around Halloween. I recently turned 21, however, so I thought it was time to start getting creative while watching these. Hence, a drinking game. The instructions are pretty simple. All you have to do is take a sip(s) whenever the things outlined below occur throughout the film. And this game doesn't only work with the first movie, but all of them.

So, if the "Halloweentown" movies were some of your favorite halloween movies growing up, you're definitely gonna want to crack open a cold one, grab your best pals, and have fun playing this Halloweentown drinking game. 

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking. So as you play, have fun, but please, drink responsibly. Now let's get hallo-weird!

Take a sip:

- Every time someone says "Halloween" or "Halloweentown" 

- Someone tries to do magic

- Someone is dressed up in a Halloween costume

- When someone says the word "human"

Take two sips:

- Whenever Marnie complains

- When anyone says "witch" or "warlock"

- Sophie senses something/someone coming

Take three sips:

- When someone says the name "Cromwell" 

- Benny the cab driver makes a joke

- Every time you get annoyed with Dylan (ugh, Dylan)

Waterfall, and stop when the action is completed: 

- Every time someone casts a spell 

- Every time Gwen yells at someone

Finish your drink when:

- All of the Cromwell's lock hands

- Kalabar tries to take over Halloweentown

Since this game can get a little wild quickly, I advise you to keep a bottle of water nearby because it's very important to stay hydrated. So I included a step to make sure you get your water intake throughout the night. Seriously, hydration is key to #winning.

Take a sip of water:

- Whenever you see a pumpkin 

- When someone gets transported to either Halloweentown or the mortal world

Easy, right? Call your friends over, pour yourself a drink, and have a grand ol' time with as you watch your favorite childhood memories flash before your eyes.