Is it possible to be diagnosed with a case of "Christmas Anxiety"? In the midst of finals, it's quite common to push your shopping until last minute...I'm talking the morning of December 24th. With this list, you are sure to get a good secret Santa reputation or even score that desired kiss under the mistletoe! Here is the 2017 ultimate gift guide for foodies in your life.

1.) The Cherry Bombe Cookbook

2 words: girl power. Your favorite magazine just released a cookbook that contains a compilation of delicious recipes created by the top women in the food industry. From Karlie Kloss's spicy ginger cookies, to Christina Tosi's lemon poppy seed muffins, this cookbook will feed any foodie's desires.

2.) Personalized Cookie Cutter    

Because who doesn't want to eat their own face? Simply send in a picture of a face and a cookie cutter is created and mailed to your door. You know what they say, you are what you eat, after all.

3.) Box of Big Fat Cookies

The only thing to cure a Christmas food coma is more cookies. This Chicago-based cookie brand ships nationwide and offers a wide selection of flavors from S'mores to Peppermint Kiss. These thick, ooey-gooey cookies could make anyone's heart skip a beat. Move over Levain Bakery, Chicago makes one beast of a cookie.

4.) Mugs

We all aspire to be like that friend who has an entire kitchen shelf dedicated to his or her mug collection.  This holiday season, let's make it bigger. Finally cave in and purchase that Anthropologie mug you've admired for the past several mall visits. After all, there's no such thing as having too many mugs, right?

5.) Treat Yourself Cookbook by @mister_krisp

Instagram sensation, Jessica Siskin, otherwise known as @mister_krisp, proves that you can create anything out of your favorite childhood cereal. Perfect for all ages, pair this cookbook with a pack of marshmallows and a box of Rice Krispy Cereal for a guaranteed day fun. Nothing is better than creating art out of food!

6.) Cooking Classes

Put your foodie to work. A gift certificate for a cooking class of his or her choice is a new and fun experience that no one can turn down! Each city is different, but with a little research, you are sure to find a place that offers hands-on cooking classes. Some of my favorite nationwide cooking classes are held at Sur La Table!

#SpoonTip: Calling all Chicagoans, The Chopping Block and Give Me Sugar offer excellent classes for all age levels. 

7.) Homemade Mason Jar Creations

For the DIY gift givers, mason jars are your best friend. Fill them with everything from cookie and hot chocolate mixes to candies and dressings. At the end of the day, everything is way cuter in a mason jar. Not only do you get the ingredients to make and use, but you now have an extra mason jar for holiday crafts.

8.) SugarFina 

This one's for the sweet tooth. Sugarfina, a candy boutique based in California (but ships nationwide), is a delicious treat for anyone special in your life. Both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the mouth, Sugarfina offers hundreds of different candies. Create your own box to meet the taste buds of your families and friends. From "Rosé All Day" gummy bears to "Mini Cola Cuties", you'll find a sweet treat for all ages.

9.) Food-Themed Ornaments  

Start a new tradition! Every year gift a food-themed ornament. Before you know it, all your family and friends will have a growing collection of food ornaments. Each Christmas, try and find an ornament that accurately describes the foodie scene of that year. For example, 2017 was definitely the year of the avocado.

PS: If anyone finds an açaí bowl ornament, lmk ASAP.

10.) Food Pun Shirts!

 Crack a laugh out of your friends and families with these *food related* punny shirts. Bring peas on earth by gifting these cute and comfy closet essentials For a more personal touch, get one that includes your loved ones' favorite foods.

This Christmas, ditch the Starbucks gift cards and give the foodies in your life a gift that will satisfy their hunger. Much of the holidays revolve around food, so why not gift it too? Let us celebrate the sweet, sweet holidays!