When the family Thanksgiving is done, theres nothing better than finding your group and having your own Friendsgiving to celebrate being thankful for each other. And no there's no friendsgiving like the original ones from the TV show "Friends." So, what better way to enjoy your booze than with a drinking game to go along with every "Friends" Thanksgiving episode?

The "Friends" episodes are classics—there's always some twist and turn that makes every single episode better and funnier than the next. And the Thanksgiving episodes top that list, as the drama gets even crazier and funnier during the holiday that Chandler hates and Monica loves. Whether the friends are reminiscing about old times, watching Ugly Naked Guy through the window, fighting, drinking coffee (or wine), visiting Central Perk, arguing, or dating, these episodes are ones that bring the friends together in the best way. 

So get your glasses, your favorite slice of pie, your own friends, and your favorite drinks, and get ready to play the ultimate friendsgiving drinking game with all of the "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes.

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly! Spoon U does not support binge drinking. It ain't cool. 

Take a sip...

Every time all six of the friends are in Monica's apartment... Take two more sips if they're all sitting down.

Every time Monica mentions her dinner and how great it will be 

Every time Monica or Rachel talk about high school or watch a home video from high school

Every time Ross manages his failed marriage(s)

Take two sips...

When someone takes a sip of their coffee or wine

When Joey talks about a girl he slept with... Make it a shot if he sees her.

Every time Chandler makes a sarcastic comment 

When Phoebe mentions her twin or her brother

Take a shot...

Every time Chandler says he hates Thanksgiving or mentions his parents divorce

When someone unexpectedly shows up

When there's a famous guest star (aka the time Brad Pitt shows up at Thanksgiving dinner... and you remember that Rachel dated him IRL)

You hear "We were on a break!" And we know that's only coming from Ross.

Finish your drink...

When Joey says, "How you doin'?" No matter who it's to. 

When someone gets stuck in a box during an argument or locked out out of the apartment because they forgot their keys.

When Joey finishes a whole turkey, or eats everyone's leftovers without hesitation. 

The best way to watch the "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes is with a drink in hand, and if these rules don't get you a little schwasted, I'm not sure what will. There's nothing better than drinking with your best friends while watching best friends live together and hang out in New York City—seriously, so meta.