If your family is anything like mine, you drink on every occasion possible. Like its Monday at 4:30 pm, sure let's sit down and have a cocktail together as a family...just us? Okay, good to know.  

One day, my mom texted me asking if I had any particular Thanksgiving requests, since dinner is always at my house for Thanksgiving. I told her what specific foods I thought would be good and sent her a list of fall cocktails that I thought our family would enjoy for Thanksgiving. After, I decided to share that with all of you, so raise your glasses, and here we go...

1. Pumpkin Pie in a Glass

Nothing says Thanksgiving like pumpkin pie. But, if you're like my family and prefer to drink your calories, this is a great alternative to dessert while still feeling festive.

2. Cranberry Margaritas

Holidays are hard, and sometimes you need tequila. If you're afraid that your strict aunt will shame you for taking straight tequila shots, try making these cranberry margaritas for the whole fam (and maybe just throw in a little bit of extra tequila in yours).

3. Caramel Apple Mimosas 

So, in my house we take "its 5 o'clock somewhere" very literally and begin drinking when we begin cooking. If your family is slightly less insane than mine, these caramel apple mimosas are the perfect way to drink in the morning and make it seem semi-normal.

4. Apple Pie Bourbon Shots

For some reason, my dad has gotten super into shots lately. It could be because he found out shots have 0 grams of sugar. Whatever the case is, every time I come home from school, he insists that we take shots. Over Thanksgiving break, I'll suggest that we make these over boring vodka shots (even though they definitely don't have 0 grams of sugar —sorry dad).

5. Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple cider mimosas, another great way to feel completely normal getting a little tipsy at 10 am while watching the Thanksgiving day parade

6. Pumpkin, Cinnamon, & Apple Spiced Sangria

I know, pumpkin is basic. You can't go to Starbucks and get a PSL without an eye roll from your barista. But, to be completely honest with you, I don't care how basic pumpkin is — pumpkin is delicious, and I am going to enjoy it. Pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple spiced sangria sounds like a delicious fall cocktail that I will be consuming during my family pre-game before the rest of our relatives get here (yes, that is something that we do). 

7. Pumpkin Keg

This is perfect for the beer lover in your family. This recipe is extremely simple and will make all of your relatives think that you're super creative. Truly a win-win.

8. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

Rebecca Buchanan

I've made this recipe, and I can tell you it's delicious. This is perfect if you're in charge of making drinks for a large group because it's easy, and who doesn't like sangria?

#SpoonTip: Definitely be sure to eat the alcohol infused fruit on the bottom of your glass — it's bomb.

I definitely believe that alcohol makes the holidays better.  Honestly, what else is going to get you through your family's never ending questions about what you plan on using your degree for  and why you don't have a boyfriend? But, in all seriousness, regardless of whether your family is a shot family like mine, or a more tame wine clan, there is now no excuse not to make a delicious fall-themed cocktail to better the lives of everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner. Cheers!