Dear Mom, I'm dodging your calls and Facebook messages right now because there's only one thing I want from you right now—a care package! Midterms are stressful and oftentimes hygiene, diet and sleep all push themselves to the back burner (that includes answering your parent's messages).

OK, I think we can all agree that parents are great and any amount of support they give us is appreciated and encouraging. But receiving support in the form of a care package is definitely a highlight in the midst of a long semester. Here's everything you want in a care package (so tag your Mom on this post). 

1. Assorted Teas 

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Julie Lau

Even when us students ignore all things healthy, during midterms, we still are dumbfounded when we get sick. Taking an exam with an itchy throat and cough is distracting. Although, you're not around to remind me to take all of my vitamins, mom, sending me tea can be an easy way to boost my immune system in preparation for midterm season. 

Assorted tea comes with black, green and herbal tea. Black tea is a great alternative for coffee in the morning. It's got a similar bitter taste and lots of caffeine. Green tea could be useful for a midday reboot of caffeine. And any herbal tea will certainly help calm your mind before bed time and promote better sleep, something crucial for retaining information. 

2. Chewable Coffee 

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Jenna Rimensnyder

You could of course opt for K-cups or regular coffee beans, but why not impress your college student and show them that you're up on the trends, too. Midterms are a time crunch. There's minimal time to steep coffee, let it cool down and drink it. Two chewables equals one cup of coffee in no time at all!

3. Mint Gum 

Rachel Weitzman

This gum will be used for more than just fresh breath purposes. Chewing gum has actually been shown to improve test performance. A study done at St. Lawrence University found that "students who chewed gum for five minutes before the test did better than non-chewers."

#SpoonTip: You might have a hard time chewing gum and thinking productively at the same time, so spit it out before taking the test!

4. Assorted Nuts 

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Shelby Cohron

Add some assorted nuts to the care package to remind your child that brain food is the best food. Almonds, pistachios, and walnuts have specifically high amounts of fatty acids that help your brain preform optimally. Sounds like good grades to me!

5. Dark Chocolate

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Jeanne Kessira

Send your kiddo some dark chocolate and make them think you're just sending some ordinary sweets. Jokes on them, because dark chocolate is another great brain food, but still has those treat yo'self feels. Dark chocolate improves memory, and increases blood flow to the brain, which increases alertness and clarity. The darker the chocolate, the more benefits your brain will receive. 

6. Nuts N' More Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter 

Right after midterms, we have one of the best holidays to celebrate—Thanksgiving! Being with the family, a home cooked feast, and pumpkin pie are all on the horizon after making it through exams. 

Motivation is key in the studying process and the pumpkin spice peanut butter will provide that. It is still high in protein and has some nutritional value. Thanksgiving is so close you can smell it in the jar. 

7. Spices

pepper, condiment, salt
Erin Rose

Sending spices will challenge your child to spice it up a bit. Cayenne, chili peppers and cinnamon are big staples in the college, as long as your student knows how to use them. Luckily, it's not that hard. 

Spices have great nutritional value, and of course, if you're sending spices, you're implying they should spend a little time cooking and enjoying fresh food. Cayenne and chili peppers go great with avocado, polenta and salad. Cinnamon pairs well in coffee and with apple slices. 

8. Mini Tabasco Sauce 

If your student ain't about the spices, they're for sure to get excited about tabasco sauce. The "fun" sized packaging allows us to take them into restaurants and dining halls. It's yet another reminder for someone focused on midterms to take a break and get a real meal, rather than living off of snacks. 

9. Yes To Products 

Yes To products contain at least 95 percent natural ingredients. I know personal hygiene products don't usually fit into the foodie category, but this brand makes it happen. They have face masks, body wash, shampoo, you name it. All of the products are based with a fruit or veggie ranging from carrot to tomato.

A Yes To face mask or body wash is the perfect reminder to not forget personal care! It's fun to receive new products and test them out, and often times doing a face mask is a very stress relieving experience. 

10. Emergen-C Packets 

Emergen-C is an ever growing brand. They have products for the immune system, hydration, sleep, and energy. The OG Emergen-C orange-flavored packets that are added to water will never go out of style, though. As the seasons change right around midterms, it's important to stay healthy, and tea won't work magic like these do. 

11. To-Go Tumbler 

A tumbler or a to-go cup is perfect for the busy student. If you're going to send someone tea, send it with a cute mug to put it in. The to-go version is more ideal for someone in the midst of midterms, though. 

So, there it is parents. If I get this little reminder in the mail to take a break from studying and focus on personal health,  then maybe I will remember to call my mother. 😉  OK, OK, just kidding. I'll call you later, Mom. 

#SpoonTip: Best of luck on midterms! If you're lacking in the snack department, check out these healthy study snacks to get you through all your exams.