Recently, Monday nights got a lot more interesting with "The Bachelorette" airing. The first three episodes have already been a roller coaster of personalities (and emotions), from Lucas the Whaboom! guy to DeMario, the guy who still had a girlfriend. While it may be your guilty pleasure, let's be honest — a little alcohol may be necessary to help you get through it all. So, while Rachel finds love, grab a glass or bottle of wine and let's get lit with 2017's Bachelorette Drinking Game.

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking. Drink responsibly, 21+ friends!

Take a sip every time:

- Rachel laughs

- Someone else takes a drink

- Someone interrupts another guy talking to Rachel

- A date card is read

- Someone gets a rose

- Someone compliments Rachel

- One of the guys says they're here for the "right reasons"

- Rachel's dog, Copper, is on TV 

Take a big gulp every time:

- A guy cries

- There's a fight between the guys

- Someone talks about their future with Rachel

- Rachel kisses one of the guys

- When someone says they want to go home

- A guy gets sent home

Finish your drink every time:

- Anyone talks to Rachel about Eric's intentions

- Rachel cries

- The last rose of the night is given out

So, cheers to you, Bachelor Nation! May your glasses of wine begin as full as your hearts, and may they be empty by the time you leave the couch. And here's to Rachel's journey in finding love — one Chris Harrison will most definitely dub "the most dramatic season" yet of "The Bachelorette."