If you’re anything like me, you start thinking about what drunk food you are going to binge on when calories don’t matter and you are as high on life as a kid at a candy store…around 3 pm…the day before. Every person has that one food that describes not only a classic night out, but also somehow describes their personality. So take this test and then find the best food around you to snack on.


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You are most likely French-Canadian. Enough said.

The McGangBang

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Maybe you were dropped on your head as a child and think it’s somewhat reasonable to put a McChicken into a McDouble. But I don’t know, you do you, man. You could also be considered frugal due to these two items being on the Dollar Menu, but I wouldn’t say you’re one to cheap out when it comes to treating yourself. Check out these awesome McDonald’s that serve liquor and a McGangBang AT THE SAME TIME.


Drunk Food

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Pretty much you had an unsuccessful night hooking up at the club because no person in their right mind would choose this garlic-infused meal if they had someone special heading back to their place. So, single or not, you’re alone as f**k and you don’t give a f**k. You may be considered as someone who replaces the warmth of a human body with shaved meat and donair sauce. No judgement here.


Drunk Food

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Ya ya ya, you have money. We get it! You look down on us commoners who choose the $3 slice of greasy pizza instead of a sushi roll three times the price.

Chicken Wings

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You’re all about the deals. Happy Hour is your ice cream sundae and wings are the cherry on top. You fill your time cutting coupons and scoping out deals, while sometimes getting on your friends nerves because you “don’t have money.” Sh*t don’t phase you because every penny is being spent with one and only one purpose. What flavour are you?

Anything Spicy

Drunk Food

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You’re muy caliente! You might lack lustre and you are looking for some heat. You are someone who never lets an opportunity go by without making the most of it. Your fuel is Red Hot Cheetos and you’ve most likely have had red hair at one point in your life. So keep the fire going.

Anything Healthy

Drunk Food

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Trying to make up for all the extra calories that you just drank at the bar? You’ve most likely been talking all night about your 1-month unlimited membership at spin or how you are “seriously” considering going vegan. Trying to keep that beach bod in check? Check out these dope (and easy) drunk food swaps.

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So fill your night with many drinks and many calories.

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