Walking down a New York City street, the smell of soft pretzels hits you at every corner. Growing up, I munched on this salty snack in the Big Apple and was worried it would never be the same after I transitioned to a gluten-free diet. But much to my surprise, I found the shelves of my local grocery store lined with countless brands of delicious gluten-free pretzels. Some even say gluten-free pretzels are better than “the real thing;” I have to agree.

Zoe Malin

If you're on the hunt for the best gluten-free pretzels, check out these five brands. #SpoonTip: if there's ever a chocolate-covered gluten-free pretzel option, add that to your shopping cart first.

1. Quinn Snacks

While I love each of these five brands, Quinn’s gluten-free pretzels are my favorite. In addition to being gluten-fee, Quinn’s pretzels are also corn, soy and dairy free, making them a great choice for those with additional allergies. This brand’s signature touch of honey and classic sea salt sticks are equally addicting, but taking the cake are the new dark chocolate’y peanut filled and peanut butter filled varieties. If there was ever a perfect time to go to Whole Foods, it’s now; all flavors of Quinn gluten-free pretzels are sold in stores.

Zoe Malin

2. Snack Factory

Snack Factory only offers one type of gluten-free pretzel, but the brand deserves major recognition. Why? Because it’s the only one I’ve found that makes gluten-free pretzel crisps. A cross-over between a cracker and a pretzel, these are meant to be dipped in hummus or guacamole. Snack Factory makes mini gluten-free pretzel crisps, too, which are amazing on top of chocolate ice cream. For more pretzel crisp combos—from banana and pecans to goat cheese and beets—follow @PretzelCrisps on Twitter.

Zoe Malin

3. Glutino

Specializing in gluten-free snacks, breads and pastries, it's no surprise that Glutino's pretzel offerings are top-notch. The brand sells classic gluten-free pretzel sticks and twists, but also makes big pretzels and pretzel chips. I love dipping the big pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles to serve at parties. But if you want to avoid making a mess in your kitchen, you're in luck. Glutino sells chocolate-covered and yogurt-covered gluten-free pretzels in stores and online.

Zoe Malin

4. Snyder's of Hanover

With Snyder's of Hanover gluten-free pretzels, the opportunities are truly endless. The famous pretzel-makers took their beloved snacks—like traditional pretzel rods or honey mustard and onion pretzel sticks—and created identically scrumptious gluten-free versions. Snyder's of Hanover sells the best seasoned gluten-free pretzels on the market, which come in every shape and size. Never had gluten-free hot buffalo wing pretzel pieces? Now is your chance!

Zoe Malin

5. Gratify Gluten Free

Snack Factory may be an expert in gluten-free pretzel crisps, but Gratify is an expert in gluten-free pretzel thins...and yes, the two are completely different. Gratify's product has the same great pretzel taste, but the texture of a cracker. The thins are offered in three flavors—plain, sesame seed, or everything bagel—and make gluten-free eaters everywhere forget about missing Ritz Crackers. I love topping Gratify's gluten-free pretzel thins with a slice of fresh cheddar cheese or serving them with prosciutto on a charcuterie board.

After deciding which brand of gluten-free pretzels is your favorite, stock up at your local grocery store and create perfectly portioned snack bags to grab before heading to class. Can't find one of these five brands in a store near you? Order them online! I've even had Quinn's dark chocolate’y peanut filled nuggets shipped to my dorm when Whole Foods was running low.