Some of us are truly cursed when it comes to food allergies. If you're one of the unlucky gluten-intolerant few, then you'll feel me here. Finding a gluten-free version of your favorite snack that actually tastes better than the regular option is like striking gold. No, but really...

Even if you are lucky enough to be of the gluten-tolerant, hear me out. Glutino pretzels are the bomb, and to break it down, here are five DEFINITE reasons why they'll win every time.

1. They Are Crunchier

Effie Henry

If I wanted a soft pretzel, I would saunter on down to Auntie Anne's and ignore the fact that I just would be so allergic to that. However, that's not what I want when I buy pretzels at the grocery store and I'm going to assume its not what you want either (am I right?). Anyways, you get the point—normal pretzels should be crunchy and thats just what you'll get with gluten-free pretzels.

2. They Won't Go Stale

One of my dearest friends is a serial snack-bag-leaver-opener and has claimed to me that none of her food is ever fresh except her beloved bag of Glutinos (sounds like concrete evidence to me). Whether you buy it or not—trust me on this—leave that bag open overnight. It won't matter because these bad boys will still be just as crunchy in the AM. 

3. They Go Better With Dips

cream, pastry, egg, sweet, pretzel
Christin Urso

This one goes hand-in-hand with the fact that they are crunchy AF. If you try to dunk a non-crunchy snack into a dip, it will break—that's just common sense. Then you will have to spend way too long trying to fish out those pieces that broke off in that glorious bowl of dip. Buy gluten-free pretzels, and your worries will be washed away.

4. They're Less Dense

There's nothing worse than mowing down on some dense pretzels and suddenly it hits you... you don't have a single drop of liquid to drown out the dryness of what you just devoured. Gluten-free pretzels are more airy than your average pretzel. So basically, you will feel like a CareBear living on Cloud 9 while eating them, and not like you just went without water for seven days.

5. They Just Taste Better

pretzel, cookie
Effie Henry

Honestly, there's not really a good explanation for this other than the fact that they just are better. I'll leave it at that and if you want to challenge me, do a taste test. I promise you won't win.

So there you have it. Five legitimate AF reasons why your next grocery trip should include a trip down the gluten-free aisle. If you're not convinced by these reasons, you'll have to try for yourself. But trust me, once you go Glutino, you'll never go back.