While Bruff might not have the best college food, I can definitely say New Orleans gives Tulane students access to some of the best food in the country. We get so used to such amazing food that it makes leaving campus for break even harder. It's almost impossible to get into that uber to the airport without dreaming of all the amazing food you'll be missing when you're back home.  

Home cooked meals may sound appealing to us and our wallets, but not nearly as much as the foods we have come to know and love in New Orleans. From the second we get to our gates at MSY we are counting down the days until we're back in New Orleans. Here are the top 5 foods that Tulane students miss the most while on vacation.

1. Abelskivers from Toast

No one really knows how to pronounce them (seriously, can someone let me know) but everyone who goes to Tulane knows and loves Toast's abelskivers. The soft and fluffy pancake balls make Toast one of the best brunch places to hit up on Sunday mornings. After having a breakfast like this, you'll never be able to have regular pancakes again.

2. Poke Bowls from Poke Loa

Poke Loa's bowls take sushi to another level. All the different combinations make it a go-to in every Tulane student's diet. The best part is that almost all of Poke Loa's options are naturally gluten-free so it is accessible to any student. I've never seen another restaurant like it and I know that the second I get home I'll be counting down the days until my friends and I are back there again.

3. Shakes from Shake Therapy

Shake Therapy may be new to New Orleans but it quickly found its way into the heart of every Tulane student. These picture-perfect shakes make for the best dessert any time of the year and the perfect addition to your Instagram feed. Our local ice cream shops back home just can't compare to Shake Therapy's concoctions and I know we'll all be running back there as soon as break is over.

4. Avocado Toast from Rimon

Tulane students are lucky to have a full restaurant right in the Hillel. Rimon is relatively new to Tulane's campus and their avocado toast is perfect for brunch any day of the week. The best part is that you can get whatever you want on it. Plus, Rimon also takes wave bucks so you aren't always breaking the bank.

5. Garlic Knots from Pizza Domenica

You really haven't lived until you've tried Pizza Domenica's mouthwatering garlic knots. The warm knots and the whipped feta make it an absolutely necessary appetizer anytime Tulane students are out to dinner with their friends or family. These garlic knots certainly leaves a hole in our hearts when we are back home over break.

Getting a break from the hard work at school and being back in the comfort of our homes is always nice. But when we're eating this well at school how can they expect us to leave? With spring break right around the corner, I know I won't be getting on the plane until I have all of the foods from my favorite restaurants.