Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect Instagram caption, looking for something to add a little spice to the latest recipe on your food blog, or you just like to have some food puns handy to whip out if need be, this article will serve all your food pun needs. While the list of food puns is rather extensive (and I'm a firm believer that you can make a pun out of anything if you try hard enough), this specific list will give you just a taste of some of the greatest ones out there. Lettuce get ready to cook up some eggcelent food puns.

1. Watermelon

watermelon, vegetable, sweet
Kathleen Lee

Watermelon is arguably one of the greatest foods of all time—it’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s all around delicious. On top of that, there are endless watermelon puns to be made. Think about it, just substitute mind for rind and boom, hundreds of food puns. Melon = million = at least another 500 puns right there. Let the food puns roll, people. Let them roll. 

Y’all gonna make me lose my rind

You’re one in a melon

Feelin' a little meloncholy today

Thanks a melon 

2. Avocado (or Guac)

avocado, vegetable, guacamole, sweet
Sarah Silbiger

As a huge avocado fan and lover of puns, combining two of my favorite things is a no-brainer. Got a perfect avocado that you just can’t bear to eat without first snapping a photo? It can go on Insta with a quick one-line food pun. If you’re feeling a little edgy, you can opt for the more frisky kiss my hass, or if you’re feeling more sweet than sultry, go for avo good day.

Guac n roll

Avo good day

Kiss my hass

I don’t wanna guac about it

3. Pizza

pizza, cheese, crust, pie, lasagna, pepperoni, sauce
Mackenzie Barth

I may not be a huge pizza fan but that doesn’t stop me from posing for a photo with a slice. A fairly photogenic food (think melted cheese, airy crust, and bright red sauce), a slice of this majestic food adds a whole other element to your photos and now you have some food puns to go with them. 

Wanna pizza this?

You’ve got a pizza my heart

Slice slice baby

Chessus crust

Another one bites the crust

4. Donut

doughnut, chocolate, sweet, pastry, candy, sprinkles, cake
Megan Clarkson

Everything is better with donuts. Have a bad day? Donut. Need a quick sugar rush in the morning? Donut. Want to treat yo' self? Donut. So with all the donuts that you’re going to be eating (since they’re perfect for every occasion), you’re going to need to have some donut puns in your back pocket, just in case.

Donut give up

You’re a-dough-rable

Eat more hole foods

Donut worry be happy 

5. Potatoes

french fries, salt, pasta, potato, macaroni
Alex Frank

They’re versatile and delicious and have the ability to form some fabulous food puns. Whether in tater tot, French fry, hash brown, or baked form, there’s a food pun for each and everyone one. 

I find you appealing

Taters gonna tate

Hey spud muffin

I think therefore I yam

6. Kale

vegetable, kale, herb, spinach
Katherine Baker

While some may not be huge kale fans (maybe they just need a little help preparing it right), you have to be a fan of these food puns. I mean c’mon: I totally beleaf in your ability to acknowledge and accept the greatness of these food puns even if you may not like the food they’re associated with.

Kale yeah

Kale me maybe

Totally kale-ing it

I don’t kale at all

7. Cheese

toast, bread, sweet, cheese, honey, grilled cheese sandwich, butter
Christin Urso

Oh cheese. Melty and smelly and with a loyal fan base. Got that perfect melted grilled cheese photo that you’ve been waiting to post? Or maybe it’s your first time making a cheese board (cause you’re a real adult now). Or perhaps you’re just always dreaming of cheese. Whatever your feelings, whatever your motive or reason, it’s possible to find the perfect cheese pun for you. Even if some of them may be super cheesy (sorry, I just couldn’t resist). 

Up to no gouda

You’ve gouda be kidding me

I know it’s cheesy, but I think you’re grate

Sweet dreams are made of cheese who am I to disabrie

Brie mine?

8. Bread

bread, toast, wheat, pastry, cereal, sweet, flour
Jocelyn Hsu

Carbs get a bad rap — especially bread. But with fire food puns like these, how can you find it in your heart to speak out against bread? The answer is, you can’t. So go forth, find your perfect bread pun, eat all the bread and carbs your heart desires, and live your best life. 

I should stop loafing around

My plans are always going a-rye

I loaf you

I pita the fool who doesn’t like bread

9. Pasta

spaghetti, pasta, sauce, macaroni, basil, carbohydrate
Jocelyn Hsu

Ahhh pasta. The opportunities for pasta exploration are endless. It comes in all sorts of different shapes so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your mood, plus the topping options are out of this world. With so many different recipes out there, pasta caters to the individual and has an ability to please all of the fans out there, just like these food puns (what can I say, I like to keep the fans happy). 

Anything is pastable

Penne for your thoughts?

Just want you to gnocchi that I love you

Pasta la vista

You just spaghet me

10. Hummus

bread, hummus, vegetable
Christin Urso

I’m pretty sure I could live off of hummus alone. Not saying that I should (or that anyone should), but I could (if I was an irresponsible young adult, which I’m totally not). So even though I can’t live off of hummus, these hummus puns do give me life (and are totally acceptable for responsible young adults to use). 

Words can’t express hummus I love you

Hummus where the heart is

Hey garbanzo hummus a song

Hummiss you so much

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks. An extensive list of the foods that make the best puns. They're great if you’re just using them in everyday conversation (who wouldn’t?) or if you need the perfect caption for your Insta post. Regardless of your reasons, these food puns fit every occasion and situation, and you can be sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.