Earlier this year, Taco Bell did the unbelievable and dropped the most delicious Nacho Fries. OK, I'm being slightly dramatic, but these fries are really, really good. Unfortunately, they’re only on the menu through the beginning of April. Sad, I know. Luckily, you’ve got some time left to get your hands on them. But if ordering them as a plain side of fries is just too basic for you, there’s another way to enjoy them—please, let me introduce you to the Nacho Fries hack. 

Photo courtesy of Ellie Conley

Sure, you can order them as a side, or order them the Supreme way with beef, cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream (ugh yes). But you can also order them inside basically any Taco Bell menu item for only 49 cents.

Hack the fries! Throw them in a Beefy 5 Layer Burrito, a Crunchwrap Supreme, a Bean Burrito, a Quesarito, or a 7 Layer Burrito. Think of yourself as more of a chicken and cheese quesadilla person? You could melt fries into that. Stuff those spicy spuds into anything you want. 

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

If you still haven’t had the opportunity to try the fries, one, WHAT? Two, do it now. These Nacho Fries are amazing, and a lot of people must agree with me, because Taco Bell revealed this week that Nacho Fries are officially the chain's most successful launch to date. They're even more popular than the Doritos Locos Taco (which makes sense to me. I mean fries > chip taco any day).  

Since the fries dropped on Jan. 25, one third of all Taco Bell orders have been Nacho Fries, which is equal to approximately 53 million orders. That's A LOT of potatoes—like 9 million pounds of potatoes. And 600,000 gallons of nacho cheese!  

Photo courtesy of Taco Bell

Aside from their success, there is only one month left to eat the fries. But there's more than one way to eat them. So, dig in now, and cross your fingers Taco Bell brings them back soon.