A new semester is almost upon us, and here at Bryant University, all of us students just finished frantically making our new class schedules for next semester. Here are the "spirit foods" that are most like the classes that you may have on deck for the Spring at Bryant U:

Literary and Cultural Studies (LCS): Cheeseburger

bun, bacon, beef, lettuce, cheese, sandwich, ketchup, onion, tomato, mustard, meat
Joshua Mora

LCS121 is Intro to Literary Studies that all freshman have to take. After 121, every student also has to take two other LCS classes to fulfill requirements. The subject is creative but involves many essays, making the cheeseburger its ideal spirit food.

The cheeseburger is the 5-paragraph essay of foods: 1) bottom bun, 2) burger patty, 3) the cheese, 4) the toppings/condiments, 5) the top bun. The toppings also allow you to be as creative as possible just like the variety of classes you can take in LCS.

History (HIS): Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is a classic breakfast condiment just like history is a classic liberal arts requirement. History can also be somewhat slow-moving with thick text books just like that sweet topping is thick and slow-pouring.

Science (SCI): Salad

Whether it's Biology, Chemistry, or Astronomy, science often deals with nature to some extent, making salad the perfect choice. Salad is based on natural greens, but the toppings you choose can make it as boringly natural or excitingly unhealthy as you want!

Top your lettuce with chicken and raw veggies for Biology, have a ceviche for Chemistry, or go star grazing (see what I did there?) with a dessert fruit salad. The possibilities are endless!

Math (MTH)/Anything with numbers: Pie

pie, apple pie, apple
Jessica Heckman

Baking is a kind of science and requires exact measurements. And measurements involve numbers. Math becomes especially important when you have to cut a recipe in half or double it. Pie crusts are especially finicky: trying to get the perfect combination of flaky yet substantial, making pie (or pi) the perfect math spirit food. 

Global Foundations of Organizations and Business (GFOB): Mega Buffet

Like your GFOB class, mega buffets have just about every component you can think of: Chinese food, salads, pizza, dessert, and more. The buffet seems 100 feet long, which, like your 100 page business plan may seem impossible to finish, but if you just start at the beginning and slowly but surely make your way through it, you will be successful in the end.

Global Foundations of Character and Leadership (GFCL): Mashed Potatoes

asparagus, mashed potatoes, filet mignon, garlic, steak, red wine, risotto
Alexa Parisi

Depending on the section you choose, GFCL can be smooth and easy or lumpy and challenging. GFCL also complements what you learn in your other classes by examining how character shapes leadership, just like mashed potatoes are the perfect complement to any main dish.

Basically any Bryant class with group work: Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, etc. 

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, milk, cream, chocolate, mocha
Rebecca Carroll

If is no secret that the Bryant curriculum is demanding. Bryant also prides itself on group work, which is time consuming. Sometimes the only time your groups can meet is late in the evening and last hours (I know my meetings go past 10pm sometimes), and your homework can keep you up even later.

Coffee, espresso, and other coffee-like drinks keeps you up all night because of the caffeine, and sometimes coffee is the only thing keeping you from snoozing on your laptop during these late night meetings.

Every class has its "spirit food," the food that represents it best. These are just a few examples of Bryant's. Go food, Go Bulldogs!