Sorority recruitment is a long, emotional process. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, food is always there for you. These five foods perfectly summarize the rush week feels.

When You Realize Your Day is 12 Hours Long

Everyone who has endured the formal sorority recruitment process knows that the first day is the worst day. Meeting all of the sororities, smiling, laughing, talking and being on your A-game from 8 am to 8 pm is exhausting. After the first day, you feel like a piece of spaghetti—limp and dizzy from doing so many rounds.

When You're Waiting For Your Schedule

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Michelle Klein

Waiting to find out which sororities asked you back the morning of the second day is a nerve-wracking experience, arguably more so than trying to fall asleep the night before. You feel like a war is going on in your head as you're asking asking yourself questions such as "do they like me as much as I like them? Did I look good? Why did I say that?" 

If You Get Asked Back to Your #1

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Michelle Klein

There is no better feeling than being asked back by your favorite sorority. You are warm and buttery on the inside as you try to hide your smile. You are bursting with excitement and you think that you might just pop

If You Get Dropped From Your #1

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Michelle Klein

After seeing your schedule for the day, you notice that your number one choice is missing. Nothing is worse than loving a sorority that does not feel the same way about you. Your heart has been ripped open and torn to pieces. 

When You End Up Right Where You Belong

Although sorority recruitment takes you through a whirlwind of emotions, in the end you are confident that you are where you are supposed to be. You are now part of a warm, welcoming and comforting group of girls. When you first meet your new sorority sisters on Bid Day, their kindness comes off as cheesy, but soon you realize that they are genuinely kind-hearted and simply thrilled to be your sisters. 

Whether you are trembling with fear, jumping for joy, or uncontrollably sobbing, you will be able to relate to these tasty foods. The sorority recruitment process is tough, but food will be there for you through it all.