Whether you’re an active or a rushee (or don’t care at all) we all must prepare for the phenomenon that strikes campuses across the country every year: formal sorority recruitment.

With rush actually minutes away for the 1,400 girls going through UIUC Panhellenic recruitment this year, and the thousands of girls in the 19 houses across campus, the following are clutch. Starting tonight until Bid Day, don’t be caught without them, or your smile, of course. Grab your favorite tote (or the free one they give you) and get ready for the longest week of your life.

1. Coffee
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“I’m so excited for rush! But, coffee first.” Pick your brew from the top five coffee shops in Chambana

2. Water

Campus might seem small, but it’s not that small when you’re running between houses (+ heels). Stay hydrated—plus, it’s good for your voice.

3. Gum
Gum will get all of those snacks out of your teeth, helps your morning breath and will distract you from the fact that you can’t get pizza for four more hours.

4. Granola bar
A quick and easy snack that’s not awkward to eat in front of others or messy while scribbling in your notebook. Click here for the best granola bars out there.

5. Lip gloss or Chapstick


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Edible? Debatable.

6. Mints
Stay fresh. Like Beyoncé.

7. Honey
Not for your bag, but in between rounds and at night with a cup of tea. It’s necessary after singing *screaming* and talking for days on days.
Try out these solutions for a sore throat.

8. Deodorant
Ok, don’t eat this, but you’re gonna need it.

Coming from a fellow Greek, you’ll survive and it really isn’t that bad (unless it rains then your hair is screwed). Watch out for apartments dropping water balloons and seriously, go get pizza with your rush group after the invite.

“Good luck with the rest of recruitment!” But first learn what you should (and shouldn’t) eat during rush

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