I have been working at a juice shop for a little over a month now, and it is my happy place. Lovely music, lots of natural lighting, and all the health food/drink a health nut could want. But trust me when I say that a juice shop has "types" of customers.

The 'Everyday Sigh'

She comes in every day to grab an apple ginger juice. If we are out of it, she audibly sighs and runs back out, yoga mat in tow.

The 'Wild 20-somethings'

They come usually in packs of three to six. One of them knows "everything" about juice and health food and wants to show his friends how fun it is to take wheatgrass shots and chase them with kombucha.

The 'Confused'

They ask me a billion questions, which I am happy to answer because I am a health nerd, but then don't buy anything. I really wanted to see you take a ginger shot for the first time.

The 'Coffee Addict'

She makes multiple visits every morning and afternoon for coffee. Does she know that even though it is from a juice shop it is still coffee and you shouldn't really exceed 2 cups a day?

The 'Starting Strong'

He comes in hot and fast after a wild weekend of consuming only alcohol and fries, grabs two six pack holders and fills them up with one of each juice. Then 10 raw energy bars to supplement. This is going to last long.

The 'Difficult Customer'

He asks for something that we cannot do, and when I say that it is not possible, he says he is a regular and knows the owner and does it all the time. Mhm.

The 'Tweens'

They consistently order avocado toast. In groups of four or five. Then they take up a table for an hour while they wait for their mom to pick them up for soccer practice

I love my job. What an incredible spectrum of diversity!