Juicing has swept the nation over the past few years with promises of detoxing the bad, and replenishing with the good. We would be lying to say we haven’t tried one or two juice cleanses, but now we’re on to something else: nutrient shots. Here’s the low-down on these weird shots of goodness, and the specific benefits they have on your body.

1. Wheatgrass


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Wheatgrass has vitamins A, all types of B, and C along with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. It is also a great source of protein. Even WebMD prides wheatgrass for its ability to remove toxins from the liver and blood. Start out by drinking 1 oz a day, and slowly increase the amount you take over time.

#SpoonTip: Take your wheatgrass shot on an empty stomach to avoid feeling nauseous after. 

2. Chlorophyll


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Chlorophyll, also known as the microorganism important in plants for photosynthesis, has many health benefits such as controlling hunger, promoting cleansing, reducing redness and swelling , and maintaining healthy iron levels. Natural Standards suggests drinking 100 mg chlorophyll two or three times per day.

#SpoonTip: Chlorophyll is also known to keep the body (and breath) smelling good.

3. Ginger


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Ginger can be found in teas, ice cream, and even this thai coconut and ginger soup. But when digested in shot form, ginger helps with nutrient-absorption, digestion, and joint pain. If the ginger alone is too much, try these ginger-shot recipes for that extra boost.

4. Blue-Green Algae


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Composed of over 65 vitamins and 18 amino acids (protein, protein, protein), blue-green algae has incredible antioxidant capability.

#SpoonTip: Too much can be toxic. Take 1 gram of power or 2 tablets per day.

5. Activated Charcoal


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Its color may make you weary to drink this, but activated charcoal has incredible digestive and detoxing powers that can help an upset stomach, and most importantly, cure a hangover. Try mixing it with lemon water after a night out to help your pounding head and queasy stomach.

6. Turmeric


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Turmeric, known for its vivid orange color, helps with blood-clotting, inflammation, lowering blood sugar, and indigestion. Plus, you can get creative with a bunch of turmeric-infused recipes.