Ordering food either for pickup, dine in, or take out is a common thing that we all do. Sometimes, it's a quick and easy process. Other times, it's a long and tiring process. Despite how the process works out, ordering food is still necessary since food is necessary for human survival. By the end of ordering food, you're now stuck having to play the waiting game, and while you wait, you might find yourself relating to these SNL moments. 

When you're about to sit down to look at the menu after waiting around for way too long.

You're finally one step closer to ordering and even closer to eating food.

When the menu has too many delicious options.

How's this even possible

When the menu's too big yet all you want to do is find the one section on the menu that you care about the most.

I just want the salad section, pls. 

When the waiter says that they'll be there to help you in a few minutes but is nowhere to be found.

Why you do this waiter?

When the waiter finally comes back to take your order.

This is the moment that you've been waiting for. Don't mess it up.

That moment when everyone at your table has finished ordering.

Not that it helps with getting your food that much quicker, but it's nice knowing that everyone has made up their mind. 

When the waiter comes with the food.

This is the best part, and probably the only real part that matters to you. You're probably very hungry and want to eat your food after snapping it. 

Regardless of if you're impatient or not while ordering food, whatever you do, just don't be rude to your waiter. They're working and are serving you your food after you've ordered your food.