It's summer lovin' time and people are in need of uber cute date ideas. I'm here to help with planning the most simple ways that you may have never thought of to make a perfect picnic date for you and your date. 

Cheese Boards

Yes, cheese boards! Picking out your favorite cheeses is one thing, but impressing your date is the another. First things first, the easy part, getting a tray. Getting a wooden block or tray to display your food will be the first step before creating your assortment. You can find these anywhere on Amazon, Target, your local crafts store, or even market.

Second, picking out a few cheese options. Some personal favorites I like to put on my cheese boards are bree, smoked mozzarella, and mild cheddar, but of course, there hundreds of options for you to choose from.

Next is picking out the fruits. Fruit and cheese tend to mix very well together, so this is a perfect add on for you to put on your cheese board. Figs, strawberries, grapes, and olives are some options that are popularly seen on many cheese boards. 

Pack some meat and display! If you're looking to wrap something around your cheese, getting salami and/or prosciutto would be the perfect salty add-in. 

Last but not least, the crackers. Stacking your meat and cheese ontop of an assortment of crakers will bring all the flavors together.

There you have it, folks! A beautiful cheese board for you and your date to share. 


vegetable, tomato, meat, bruschetta
Hailey Maher

This super easy fix-up is perfect to have at your picnic date. All you need to do is slice up a fresh baguette, toast in the oven, slather some butter and garlic on the bread, dice up some tomatos, sprinkle feta cheese, basil, and balsamic vinegar, and presto! You'll have bruschetta that will instantly impress and make your picnic date even more perfect. 

If you're looking for even better ways to spice this up, look at Gabriella Fletcher's article on how to make bruschetta in several different ways.


lemon, juice, sweet, citrus, lemonade
Anna Latoff

What completes a picnic is the fresh squeezed lemonade. There are so many ways to make lemonade with various fruits, carbonation, spoonful of sugar or not. Phoebe Melnick helps us out with creative ways to help us quench our thirst in four ways to change the way we look at lemonade.

Once you've made your drink, make sure it's chilled before leaving the house so you'll have something fresh to drink while spending time under the sun with your partner. If you want to feel even cuter, make sure to pack some wine glasses to pour the lemonade in to make this date look extra special.

Extra Bits to Bring Your Picnic All Together

All the little things count. Getting a picnic basket to hold all your goodies is the obvious item that makes the picinic look super cute and legit. Bringing a big comfty blanket to lie down on is essential to avoid grass stains and dirt, and it's a perfect excuse to cuddle up next to them. Last but not least, a small speaker. Music should most definetly be on the list of things to bring on your picnic date. It gives a perfect segway into a new conversation and it will be the perfect mood setter.

Make sure to have a nice time and get to know your date even more than you might already do. This set up is just a small thing that will help you move further with your boo, but aside from the food, let your personality shine and be you! They'll love it.