New Year's is THE perfect occasion to gift your family and friends something, because you want to wish them the very best. The most difficult question, however, is WHAT to gift them. Often we end up spending loads of money on huge things that may not even be that useful. To tackle this problem, I figured gifting small small things can mean a lot too. So guys, wrap up baskets and hampers with these super easy-to-get things and gift loads of love this January!

1) Loads Of Candy Canes

candy, chocolate, sweet, holiday, Christmas, peppermint
Jocelyn Hsu

Christmas may be gone, but no one can resist more candy canes, because you never have enough of them. Get creative, with mint flavoured and fruit flavoured candy canes, and fill a packet of those in your new year gift basket.

2) A Jar Of Jelly Beans

Elizabeth Layman

Jelly beans are everyone's favourite. Also when they're over, one could always use the super cute jar to write down and store the happy memories on colourful pieces of paper throughout 2018.

3) A Packet Of Dried Berries

sweet, berry, raisin, cranberry, pepper, dried fruit
Niki Laskaris

Winter is the time you get the best fruits- be it strawberries, blueberries or anything else. What's better than gifting your loved one dried berries, that last much longer, and can be devoured for the whole year, reminding him or her of you whenever they eat them.

4) Homemade Lip Balm

All you have to do is melt Vaseline, cocoa butter, half a spoon of coffee, crushed sugar, a tiny flake of your favourite lip color and let it settle till it becomes solid. Fill this in cute little cases and gift them away this new year to show you care. The extra handmade touch only portrays your love!

5) A Green Apple

apple, juice, pasture, sweet
Jenny Georgieva

All those candies and beans may be delicious, but a healthy touch on the gift basket shows you care. Place just one green apple in your gift basket (because, like I said, winter is the season of amazingly delicious fruits), and green apple is something no one can dislike. Make the new year the perfect opportunity to teach your family and friends to eat healthy!

6) A Small Jar Of Grounded Coffee

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, cereal, decaffeinated coffee
Eddie Ngai

For those chilly winter mornings, evenings, or nights, when all you want to do is sit in a cozy blanket and sip warm, rich coffee in your favourite mug. Coffee lovers, who don't need a particular time or reason to drink coffee, will definitely love this gift the most!

7) A Culinary Set

cake, pizza
Emma Noyes

There's really no better gift for a person who loves food than a ceramic culinary set of a knife, fork and spoon. Make sure the contents are colourful and bright, so they feel delighted and think of you every time they eat.

8) Ready-to-eat Food Packets

popcorn, corn, milk, salt, sweet, kettle corn, butter
Kirby Barth

Include one or two popcorn packets that your loved one can enjoy with their favourite movies. You could also include soup packets to ensure they have a warm winter.

9) A Pizza Slicer

mac n cheese, cheese, pie, crust, pizza, dough, pastry
Megan Japczyk

Trust me, if you have a foodie friend, they surely love pizza. Gift them a pizza slicer, and they'll thank you every time they have a pizza (which I suspect is going to happen a lot btw).  

10) Napkins

Sam Tanchel

Last, but not the least, the most important thing while eating must be a napkin. Include a set of 3 colourful holiday napkins, or a tissue dispenser and your hamper is good to go!

Pack these things creatively in large colourful baskets with lots of confetti and ribbons and send them out to those you love to wish them the best year ahead!